Friday, July 17, 2015

Just three more weeks

I only have three more weeks of summer vacation.  Boy time goes by fast.  I've read a few books, studied some Scrabble words, watched some t.v. and rested a lot.  I haven't done a lick of cleaning.  I'll probably do that next week so I can start school with a clean house.  I especially need to clean out my closet.

I slept in this morning and then headed out a little after noon to take care of my craving for Tacos.  I went to Taco Cabana and got the Mexican Plate (enchilada, taco, double rice since I don't like beans) with a drink and an extra taco.  It was filling and hit the spot.  After that, I went to Home Depot to get some spray paint for my Scrabble racks.  I then went to Best Buy to pick up some ink for my printer.  I have more word lists I want to print and start working on.  Finally I went to Walmart and got some glitter spray for the racks.  I put the first coat on the racks and am waiting for them to dry outside.  It's pretty hot today so it shouldn't take long.  I've been goofing off online for a bit, but I think I'll start working on some Scrabble stuff shortly.

Matt was on the news this morning.  Here's the link if you want to watch the story:

I think we are going out to a district library social this evening.  The problem is that it's kind of far away across town.  I hate trying to go across town in rush hour traffic.

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Billy said...

How cool! Way to go Matt!