Friday, October 31, 2008

Making Headway

Well, I finished the 9 journals I was working on and just posted them. I should go back and read through them for potential grammar issues and other errors, but at this point I really don't care. O.k. I do care, but I'm not going to do anything about it right now.

Tonight is senior night at the game so I've got to go in support of Josh. I will be on the field as the band plays and then after the opener, they will have a presentation where they will announce each senior and their parents. After that, the band plays the school song and then we will go back to the stands.

School is just crazy and I'm totally behind on grades. I can't believe I was dumb enough to take on yearbook this year. I don't know how I'm going to manage. I guess somehow I'll muddle through, but I'm going to have to make some big changes for next year. I'm not sure whether I can convince Marty to marry me and sweep me out of here, so I guess I should come up with a plan B -lol. First I'll look for potential library job openings. Worst case, I'll transfer the speech team stuff over to my assistant and just teach classes and yearbook.

Thankfully there is no speech tournament this weekend. Tomorrow is the fallback festival and I've been asked to help with the drawing of names. Originally I was going to bar tend, but this job is probably better for me since I'm not very sociable. I think I do a pretty good job as bartender because I can make the drinks well and move pretty fast, but it doesn't really matter to me.

This weekend I have to get another paper done for my other class. This time it is spending $2000 on materials for a potential gap in my library. I'm going to be seeking materials related to music. I found a bunch from one source, but do need to use multiple sources so that is what I'll be focusing on Sunday afternoon in addition to writing up the paper itself. It is due on Tuesday. Next week I have to do three journal responses and get ready for my story time presentation about caterpillars which I'll do on my birthday (Nov. 10 in case you've forgotten) I don't know what Josh and I will do (again, we share the same birthday) but we'll probably at least go out to dinner.

Only TWO MORE WEEKS until I'm headed to Florida and see Marty. Wooooo Hooo!
Time to get ready to go to the game.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In too deep

Too busy trying to read books, write journals, and deal with all the teaching stuff that I haven't had time to post. Doesn't look like it will let up any time soon. I'm still in survival mode and probably getting an ulcer right now. I'll be back when my head surfaces above water. Right now I'm totally drowning.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More bragging

I went to the musical tonight. The high school did a production of Grease. They had two starring casts; one that showed last weekend and the second cast is this weekend. Josh had the role of Sonny. I have to say that I'm still proud of my boy. He's very talented. (If I say so myself.) It wasn't the starring role by any means, but he had some great lines and he really gets into the character. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance. He is such a ham. I only planned to go to this show, but I'll probably have to go again on Sunday. Saturday would have been great, but I have a speech tournament of course. I'm still feeling overwhelmed and I really need a break. I've been taking one to some degree this week, but I will pay for it soon. I have just been so tired. I've done some reading and that's all. I have more journals and other assignments to work on. Hopefully tomorrow evening I'll get a lot done. Josh has a game out of town (sort of) and I'm just going to stay here and work my tail off. I'm not sure if I'll get anything done at the tournament. I'll be busy taking care of ballots during all day.
I have no grades in for school and I know that's not a good thing, but I just don't have time to do it all. I've had to deal with yearbook sales, seniors turning in their proofs and orders, speech team stuff, yearbook page planning, class stuff, ISS and prime time assignments, travel planning... the list is endless. Something has to change next year. I'm ready to throw in the towel so to speak. I don't know what's going to happen. Worst case scenario, I stay where I am and just hand over the speech team to my current assistant and just help him as needed. Best case, I get out of regular teaching for a year or move into a library position somewhere.
Well it's bed time already but I think I'll read for a little bit.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Hair Cut

Well, since I don't have time much to post I figured I could at least put up a picture of my new hair cut. For some reason today was the day that everyone noticed... even though I got it cut last Thursday after school. Oh well, I got a lot of compliments on it today. Keep in mind it's the end of the day here so I don't particularly look my best.

Monday, October 20, 2008

So very far behind

I'm not getting much done these days. I hate to sound like a broken record... not enough time, but lately it's not even been that. I've completely wasted time. I have a lot to get done this week. I tried getting some cleaning done yesterday and I did make progress. I have the office area clean so I have a decent space to work. I started on my bedroom and made a small dent in the kitchen. I still have laundry and dishes to do so it's a never ending cycle.
This weekend I went to the marching contest. Josh's band got a first division. Afterwards I came home and went to bed. On Sunday I played in church and then spent the day cleaning. School was a long day today. I am still not even close to being caught up on things nor do I have anything graded. I'm trying to take care of yearbook receipt which is time consuming. I stayed at school until 5:30 today and then went to Walmart since I needed a new hair dryer. Of course I can't leave Walmart with a single item so $38 later I come home and make dinner. I at the chocolates I got while there as I made dinner because I was starving. I shouldn't go to the store hungry.
Watched Chuck and Heroes tonight instead of doing homework. I feel a little guilty but almost too tired to really care. Chatted with Marty a little as I watched t.v. (We watched Heroes together.) I am just so ready to be on my way to Florida. If I can just make it the next month or so. I don't know how serious Marty is when he mentions me coming to live in Florida - mostly it's said in jest, but right now it would be so very tempting to not teach for a year. Is that a bad thing?
Well, I'm tired and this morning came far too early. I'm going to start some laundry and call it a night.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Meme since I don't know what to write

Borrowed from Mama Llama. I may have done this one before... I have no idea... but here are the answers (perhaps again) for whatever it's worth. Then I'm going to bed.

So here it goes:

1. Where is your cell phone? In the car
2. Where is your significant other? Hmm... can I consider Marty my significant other if he's just a "not quite" boyfriend right now? If so, he's much too far away in Key West.
3. Your hair color? Dark Brown
4. Your mother? Deceased
5. Your father? In Utah working on a project.
6. Your favorite thing? That's a tough one. Probably my computer right now. It's how I talk to Marty and do all my "stuff."
7. Your dream last night? I have no idea, but I know I dreamed.
8. Your dream/goal? To finish my master's degree and get out of the classroom.
9. The room you’re in? My office/craft room.
10. Your hobby? Making rosaries. Riding roller coasters. Reading. None of which I get to participate in at the moment.... reading doesn't count because I am doing a lot of that, but it's for class.
11. Your fear? Losing people I love.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Happily married to Marty living somewhere.
13. Where were you last night? At the football game.
14. What you’re not? A neat freak. I like order, but it just doesn't happen in my life. I'm too busy and too distracted to keep things in order.
15. One of your wish-list items? More time. I can't think of anything concrete at the moment.
16. Where you grew up? Born and raised in Texas. Have lived in the Panhandle area all my life. Maybe it's time for a change???
17. The last thing you did? Ate dinner.
18. What are you wearing? Marvin the Martian pajamas. A watch. Socks.
19. Your TV? Rarely on these days. (Except Mondays for Chuck and Heroes)
20. Your pets? Whiny. 3 dogs, two cats.
21. Your computer? Personal computer is a Dell PC. School computer is a macbook.
22. Your mood? Content. Feeling tired, but relatively happy. Sometimes a little conflicted but most of the time things are grand. I'm really tired though.
23. Missing someone? Absolutely. Only 27 more days until I head to Florida!
24. Your car? 1999 White Nissan Maxima that is sitting in the garage.
25. Something you’re not wearing? A bra. It comes off almost the moment I get home if I have no place to go.
26. Favorite store? For clothes - Dillard's. Crafts - Hobby Lobby. Grocery - Walmart (for the prices).
27. Your summer? Much too short.
28. Love someone? Totally
29. Your favorite color? Purple most of the time these days.
30. When is the last time you laughed? Today.
31. Last time you cried? Probably a few days ago when I was reading one of my books for class.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Walking after midnight

I couldn't think of what else to use for a title but since I'm posting at 12:30 a.m. I thought it was somewhat appropriate. You're probably wondering why in the world I am posting at such a late hour. Well first let me tell you about my day. A typical school day where I have a million things to accomplish and I get about half of them done. I have picture retake day tomorrow and have to plan for it. I had to deal with a bunch of yearbook orders with students scrambling at the last minute to buy their yearbooks for $40. I didn't leave school until 5:30 and I was going to go from there to Amarillo and have my hair cut. On the way home I called my friend Pam and she mentioned wanting to go shopping to find some pants so I told her that I'd pick her up. So I headed straight to Amarillo, picked her up and headed to the mall. I got my hair cut (pretty short this time) and then we shopped for clothes. Amazingly, I didn't buy anything though I did try on a few shirts. After the mall we went to On the Border for dinner. I had a margarita and a combination plate which was very yummy and I ate far too much. I called Marty on the way home because I wasn't sure if he had been online tonight wondering where I was. Turns out that he was out too so I just briefly chatted with him. I got home at 9:45 and checked email and such. I am not sure when I went to bed but Marty called me again sometime after 11:00. I wasn't asleep so I answered the phone and I just got off after talking to him. I have to say that he still confuses me.
I wanted to write about the confusion and such but not sure how to word it. And since he is reading my blog these days I don't want to verbalize something that is just a thought process right now. But let's put it this way - the first conversation left me thinking one way and the second almost reverses it. Men are just weird sometimes - not that we women aren't. Oh well... it's late and it's hard to explain, but I just wanted to throw that out there.
I'm still up because when I was talking to him on the phone I realized it was very late and Josh wasn't home. So I called him and he was on his way back from I-Hop after the musical this evening.
Well, I should get to bed since it's an early day for me tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All I can say is I'm tired

I think it's all catching up with me. I wasn't up late last night. I actually finished my paper and submitted it before 11:00 p.m. I don't think it was my best work, but I hope I covered it well enough to get a decent grade. I'm still perpetually behind in everything. Today I had to submit another travel request. I then submitted two purchase orders that have needed to be done since around the first of the school year. I wasn't prepared for my classes today but luckily most are just doing general "work." I still have a million other things to do and I should be doing a journal entry or something else for my grad school stuff, but I just don't think it's going to happen. I think I'll read one of my books tonight instead. I could easily go to bed right now, but can't do that. But I think I will go to bed early and forget about all the stuff I should be doing. I guess when you go 90 miles an hour for a long time it catches up with you at some point and you just run out of gas.
Marty is enjoying his time in Connecticut with his girls. He's being a typical dad picking up one from driver's ed and dealing with the antics of the other. I'm glad he's got his laptop working so that I can still chat with him a little. I didn't talk to him much last night since I was working on my paper, but it's always good to talk to him. The conversations have had some interesting turns so I'm anxious to be able to see and talk to him in person when I go to Key West. It's officially less than a month. Woo hoo! Yeah, I'm excited. Maybe after the trip perhaps he can move into "boyfriend" status instead of being my "not quite boyfriend."
Well, I'm going to start a book and then probably call it an early night despite the guild I might feel about it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall is here

It is chilly today. Thankfully I had the day off from school today. It is a comp day and since I did other workshops this summer, I get today off and will get another day in January. I slept in this morning which was quite lovely. I intended to get up earlier to take my car in to have a flat fixed, but it didn't happen. I did get it there by 10:45 but had to wait about an hour. Originally it was going to be an hour and a half, but thankfully, it didn't take that long. I read one and half books while waiting. Afterwards I went over to the mall. I probably should have come home and cleaned house or started working on my paper, but it didn't happen that way. The main reason I went is because I needed a new bra and the only one I've found that I love is at Victoria's secret. I wish I could just wear a basic cheap one, but all of those that I have are either uncomfortable or the straps constantly fall down. Since the two that I have are literally falling apart, I decided to finally break down and pay the big bucks for another. But first I stopped in JC Penny's and had to try on a few things. I ended up getting three shirts because I always need shirts. I got nice bright green one since I don't have much of that color in my wardrobe and I have beautiful pair of emerald earrings that Marty gave me once upon a time that I don't wear much because I don't have that color. After the mall I went to Taco Villa (of course) and picked up lunch. From there I went to Hobby Lobby and spent probably 45 minutes looking at beads and then talking myself out of buying anything despite the 50% off sale on all of them. I wanted to make some new rosaries, but I know that I don't have time so I just decided to let it go. I headed home and discovered it was quite chilly. I wanted to turn on the heat but realized the filter needed to be changed but I didn't have another one. I left the old one in and turned the heat on anyway. I curled up in my bed (with another space heater on) for about 30 minutes. Now I'm trying to motivate myself to get some things done. I'm going to head to the library around 5:30 and get started on my paper and hopefully write one or two journals. I'm doing pretty well on reading. Flying this weekend allowed for me to get several books read. I read another one here last night and will have two or three more read by this evening. I am still doing well in my Children's Lit class. I made a 100 on my recent discussions. I still have no idea how I did on my paper for the other class and yet I have to turn in another paper tomorrow by midnight. (And I haven't even started it except for sending out the survey to the math teachers.) I don't think it will be too involved though. I won't need to use a lot of sources, just the basics of why I did the survey, the method used and why I chose that method and then analyze the results of the survey. I probably won't have results until tomorrow, however.
I need to get busy on some house work and make something for supper before Josh gets home.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Long time no see, huh?

Well, I guess that 5 days isn't really that long. But for someone who used to post daily, I guess it could be. I have been at my convention since Wednesday. Although I do have internet service here, I've been far to busy to blog. So far the conference has been o.k. I've seen some decent sessions and I think my session went fine. The TFA meetings have been long and drawn out. Imagine a bunch of speech teachers that like to debate having discussions and voting on issues that are very divisive.
I also had homework to finish while here so on Thursday night I was up until 12:45 getting it done. It wasn't due until Friday, but I wanted to take no chances on something not working out. I did get it uploaded though I have concerns since I did it more at the last minute. I think it is o.k. but I probably would have spent more time on it if I had it. This is coming from the perfectionist that I am. I also had to get a survey out to the math teachers so I can write my paper that is due on Tuesday. Thankfully I was able to use surveymonkey to do it. I just sent the link to them and I have at least one response. That is all I had to have, but I hope a few more will respond.
I've had a lot of seafood here and I'm ready for something else. We went to Landry's last night which was good, but expensive. The atmosphere was nice though. I had a bloody mary and it was very good even though it was a little spicy. I am ready for just a regular burger and fries. I fly out at 3:45 today. I don't mind traveling, but I'm ready to be home.
Right now I'm enjoying my complimentary morning beverages. I joined the hotel's guest program at last year's convention so I could have the free internet access. It also allows me to have free hot and cold beverages delivered in the morning. I also get turn down service at night with a chocolate mint left on the bed. I feel so special.
Marty is on his way to Connecticut to visit his girls. I probably won't have as much contact with him but that just means he'll probably miss me which I think is a good thing. I know I'll miss him, but I have so much to do that I won't have time to dwell on it.
Well, I've got to get in the shower and get ready for the day.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Still heading to Florida

I'm just going two weeks later than expected. I made the reservation changes today and luckily it was cheaper than I thought it would be. I guess because gas prices went down, the airfare went down as well. I'm flying into Miami on Friday evening the 14th of November. Marty will pick me up there and we'll stay the night in Miami. After that I'll have 3 1/2 days with him in Key West. I return on Tuesday, November 18 flying out from Key West so he doesn't have to make the return trip to Miami. It still cost me $189 to make the change, but the fee to change was $150 of that. Originally when I checked this weekend, it was going to cost around $265 to change.
Although I would love for him to come here on the weekend of Halloween, it was more complex to change the name so I figured I might as just go a different time. It works out better for him since it is around his pay day so everything works out. I'm still excited, but kind of bummed that I have to wait longer. It's now six weeks instead of four. Oh well.
On Wednesday I am flying to Corpus Christi to go to my annual speech convention. I am not ready for it at all. I still have to update my speech team website (since that is the main focus of my presentation) but I couldn't today because front page isn't installed on my school computer. Luckily, I have the program so I'm going to take it to school tomorrow and install it. I have a million things to get done before tomorrow evening, but I guess that somehow, they will get done. It will be nice to get away for a few days. I'm just very behind on my grad school work. I have to get a survey out to the math teachers at school and I still have no idea what questions I'm going to ask. Well, I guess I'll figure it out. Heroes is coming on tonight and I want to watch it, but I'm afraid I won't get anything done. It is a dilemma. Oh well... I just picked up dinner so I'm going to go enjoy it and try to get focused on my work.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A kink in the plan

I went to the football game on Friday. The band did o.k. but I don't think that they're where they need to be before they go to contest this next weekend. Unfortunately while at the game I realized that the weekend that I'm supposed to go visit Marty is the same weekend as the senior parent night for band. I was feeling very conflicted because I did not want to miss that opportunity for Josh and at the same time, I already bought my ticket for my trip. On that night, the senior band students and their parents line up at the front of the field and they have a ceremony of sorts. At first I thought about having someone else stand in for me and then I realize that really there isn't anyone else that could do it. I'm the only parent and I realized that I needed to be there for Josh regardless of the inconvenience of changing my plans in going to see Marty. I figured Marty would understand. So I called Marty yesterday and he said it was fine so now I'm looking for different days to go. While at church this morning, I realized that perhaps instead, I could reverse the ticket and fly Marty here, but the complexities of changing a name on a ticket are too much. So I'll probably be going around the second week in November instead. It's two more weeks to wait and it will cost more money to make the change, but it's my fault for not checking the date closely in the first place. Since I have an assistant coach, I can let him take the kids to one of the tournaments which frees up a weekend for me.
Now I'm having a hard time getting focused today. There are a lot of things I need to get done for class, but I just can't get motivated. I have a severe case of the lazies, I guess. We had our first speech tournament yesterday and my kids well. We won the first place sweepstakes trophy. It was a small tournament so we were able to get finished early. I was able to get home by 9:00 which was nice. I talked to Marty for a long time on the phone last night. I finally went to bed around 10:30 but had to get up early this morning because I was singing in church at the 8:30 service. I came home and tried to see about changing my ticket but it didn't work out like I wanted to so I gave up and took a nap. Now I'm checking flights again and then hopefully I get some work done on my upcoming book review that I need to turn in by Wednesday.

Friday, October 03, 2008

TGIF I think

What an exhausting day. It doesn't help that I'm staying up past 10:30 at night. I'm the kind of person that really needs my sleep and I get tired and cranky when I don't get enough. I had to catch up on a lot of grading today, but I made a lot of progress I think. I had to get everything ready for our first tournament tomorrow. I have to be in Hereford by 5:45 a.m. Ugh. Not going to be happy in the morning. Some of my kids are ready and others.. well, I hope they don't embarrass themselves. I do have some pleasant potential surprises, however. I have one student that is going for the first time that may actually do pretty well. He has the knack for writing and is very smart.
I picked up Sonic for dinner when I got back home and spilled chili on my shirt. I threw it in the washer so I could wear it to the game tonight since it is purple. It's homecoming so I have to look spirited for sure. I'll take a book to read and then watch the half-time show. After that I'll head home and go to bed since I have to be up so early. Well, gonna be heading out soon. Catch ya'll later.