Thursday, May 27, 2010

Out of Luck

I didn’t get the library job.  The day after my interview, I got the friendly rejection email stating that they had chosen someone that better suited their needs.  I also found out that I can’t apply for the other job I was interested in because they won’t consider me without having my master’s degree already.   So it sucks all around.  But I’m resigning myself to put up with another year despite having to teach English again.  At least I have some advanced notice this time and maybe I’ll get productive this summer and do some lesson planning before school.  Or not.

In other news I just had my 6 year blogging anniversary.  I started this blog 6 years ago on May 25.  So for that, I need to give a shout out to my friend Patrick who introduced me to blogging.  Back in 2004 we dated a bit and he got me started on blogging.  He found his soul mate in Tiffany, and we’ve remained friends over the years though I don’t think I’ve actually seen him since my confirmation in the Church.  I am rather shocked I’ve been blogging that long.  Of course this year has been very intermittent, but I’m at least making a little more effort in the last few months.  Now that I’m not knee deep in grad school and teaching I’ve found a little more time for it.  (Though the American Idol season finale kept me from posting this week.)

Other than the job disappointment and the blogiversary, there’s not much going on here.  School is winding down.  The yearbook isn’t finished (of course) but I’m more focused on going on vacation.  I have to work tomorrow and stay until graduation is over and then go in for a half day on Saturday.  Then Josh and I have to work on the back yard which currently looks like a jungle and then I have to get the house clean.  We leave Monday and will spend three days at theme parks and return on Friday.  Then I leave for Denton on Saturday because I have to spend four days on campus for one of my classes.  After that, I’ll have two days that will be spent up at the school working on the yearbook and then I leave for Nationals for a week. 

Tonight is the first night in a long time that I don’t have something totally pressing to do.  No papers to grade or lessons to work on (not that I’d work it at home regardless).  I’m re-reading the Harry Potter series and will probably go to bed early since it will be a long day tomorrow.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wait and see

I had the interview today.  I really don’t know how it went.  I think parts of it went well while some questions could have been answered better.  I think I’m a contender, but I think they’re concerned with me coming from high school rather than elementary.  That being said, I won’t be upset if I don’t get it and I’d be happy if I did.  There’s another job posting on the district site that I’m also interested in and sent an email to the personnel director stating that while I’m hopeful for the library job, if I’m not what they’re looking for, I’d like to be considered for the other one. 

I must say that I did look nice today.  Even my students noticed and commented that I looked nice.  But my feet killed me.  I wore shoes with heels and I just can’t do that all day.  I’m supposed to know by June 1 or so whether I get the job.  At this point I really have no idea.  It was interesting that they had me read to them today.  I thought that part went well since I tend to be a performer. 

I’m still behind besides going up to work on Sunday.  It was very frustrating because the internet didn’t work for an hour, I could get into gradespeed for several hours and I couldn’t access the online Moodle program where I had quiz grades stored until today.  The internet at school has been hit or miss all year and it is really annoying. 

I came home early (well 5:00) despite having work to do.  I took a tylenol pm at 8:40 last night and at first it didn’t seem to work.  I went to sleep around 10:30 and slept well, but was still tired this morning.  I think I’ll go to bed early tonight without the drugs and see if that helps. 

In a week Josh and I will be headed to Florida.  I’m so ready for vacation.  I think I’ve said that before, but I think I’ve earned it this year.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Almost the end

Well, the end of school at least.  It’s the home stretch with just a week left.  Even though grad school is done for the semester (I made A’s in both classes), it is still busy as ever.  I have to get grading done this weekend.  Semester tests and reviews are ready at least. 

I have an interview Monday for the library job opening in the district.  I was getting dismayed that I hadn’t been called, but thankfully a teacher I know at that school went to bat for me.  I guess the principal received my information rather late but she emailed me last week and asked about a time for the interview.  It will be from 12:15 to 1:15.  Josh and I went shopping today and I finally found something to wear.  It seems just before summer, there’s not much left in the way of “business” attire.  I opted for something that isn’t too business-y.  I found a straight black skirt that hits just below my knees (in a smaller size – woo hoo) and a black and white sweater that is short sleeved that looks like a black sweater with a white cardigan (but it’s one piece) and on the outer white pat it has a black print of flowers and butterflies.  I thought it fit for an elementary school interview.  I have found out that there is some competition for the job so I hope to do well in the interview.  I’m going over my library stuff from all my classes and looking at potential questions I could get asked and figuring out how I’d answer them.  I’m reading through the school’s campus improvement plan and planning questions to ask the committee that will interview me.  Surprisingly, I’m not feeling very nervous about it.  I also noticed on the employment opportunities for the district that there’s an opening for an instructional technology specialist and I figure if I don’t get the library job, I might apply for it. 

As I said, Josh and I went shopping today.  We ate lunch at Red Robin, then went to the mall.  I tried some things on, but it was mostly “miss” today.  Josh found some pajama pants he liked at the mall but that was it.  After the mall, we went to Kohl’s were I finally found the outfit I bought for the interview as well as something to wear on vacation week after next. 

Tomorrow I’m playing at the 11:15 mass and then I’m going to the school to work.  I do more interview preparation when I get home and then just hope for the best on Monday.  Wish me luck!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, Monday

Well, it’s the second to last Monday of the school year.  Somehow, I survived.  I’m getting caught up on grades, but then students keep turning stuff in.  It seems never ending.  Then I had to call a parent today because her son was upset over his grades (for work not turned in by himself or his partner for an assignment) and it blew up.  I gave notes all day today in my comm. app. classes.  I’m trying to rush through a final speech for the year and we have to get it done by Friday.  I brought papers and work home, but once again, I’m not going to mess with it. 

I’ve been trying to check to see what my grade in my web design class is but now it says my access to the course is denied.  I’m not sure what is going on, but I’d really like to know what my grade on the website project was and the final course grade.  I guess if it doesn’t open up before I go to bed, I’ll email the professor. 

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I’m ready for school to be out.  I think teachers are burned out just as much as the students. 

I didn’t sleep very well last night.  I tried going to bed at 10:30 or so but couldn’t fall asleep.  I took my 1/2 tylenol p.m. and it just didn’t work this time.  I was still up at 1:00 a.m.  I woke up at 6 to thunderstorms.  I decided to take a whole one tonight and hope I’ll be able to get up early and get some work done before school. 

I guess it’s time to head that way.  Going to read a bit and call it a very early night.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I went up to the school today and worked my butt off.  My back storage room has been a mess since sometime last year.  I’ve made piles and piles of stuff and it was simply overwhelming.  So I finally decided to clean it out today.  I got to school shortly after 10 and left at 4:30.  I cleaned the closet, my desk area, my other desk area, and the room itself.  The only thing left is “The Cave” which is a large room where I have boxes of yearbooks stored, decorations, and miscellaneous other materials.  But since I have to work the Saturday after school is out, that will give me something to do.  I brought home a ton of other work that I’ll get to tomorrow.  I have papers to grade and yearbook ads to deal with.  It’s getting to that crunch time, but I’m glad that there’s only 2 weeks of school left.  I’m so ready to go on vacation! 

I made an “A” in one of my classes, but the other class has not posted my grade yet.  I’m pretty sure I’ll get an “A” for web design, but won’t know until it’s official. 

Josh is home!  I got home around 5:00, took a shower and then Josh and I went out to dinner.  We went to Cheddar’s.  I had the cornmeal catfish and it was really good.  Josh had a bacon cheeseburger and we split some of their wonderful croissants.  I also had a margarita.  After dinner we went to Lowes and got a weedeater.  Then we stopped at the grocery story so that Josh would have food to eat.  I’ve been living the single life so my groceries are far more limiting. 

I’m already tired.  I guess I worked pretty hard today.  I’m going to watch a little t.v. and call it an early night. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Winding Down

It’s that time of year where things are “technically” winding down.  I’m catching up on grading though I have yet to grade my students’ research papers.  I’m still behind with the yearbook but that’s not surprising.  I’m going up to the school tomorrow and spend the day working in my room.  I’ve got cleaning that needs to be done so I can get in a place where I can focus on the yearbook pages that need to be completed. 

I haven’t heard anything about the library job yet, but it’s probably still early.  Doesn’t mean I’m not a little bit concerned, but that’s just me.  I just want the opportunity to interview for despite the fact that the personnel director may already have other plans for that position.  I think ultimately it should be up to the principal and so we’ll see if I get an interview at least. 

I had to stay at school today since I had students come in to make up some work.  I didn’t leave until 5:30 and then I went to Amarillo to get some beads to make some special rosaries for a friend of mine.  While there I stopped at Taco Villa and enjoyed a meat burrito grande.  Now I’m home and I’m going to try to get my room put back together.  I had to move two large dressers out of the way because I had a water leak issue.  I figured the cause of it (Josh’s toilet) but it hasn’t been fixed yet.  I did turn the water off to his toilet so my carpet and such can dry…. I had to pull the carpet back and let the cement dry first.  Now that it’s dry, I need to get the dressers put back. 

So I’m going to do that and then I think I’ll just chill tonight. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Maybe a change

Yesterday I was checking the job openings within my district and found that there’s a library position open at an elementary school.  I’ve decided to apply for it but I have to get a transfer request signed by my principal.  I tried to catch him all day to talk to him about it but he was unavailable.  I’ve heard that I’m still scheduled to teach English next year. 

I’m not sure about being at the elementary level, but there is some appeal to it.  It would be nice to have kids come to the library that are excited about reading and being there.  I would miss the research aspect of it, but I do like the books.  I hope to at least get an interview.  We’ll see what happens.

Well, it’s time for American Idol so this will be a brief post.  In some happy news, all my work for grad school is done for the semester.  In sad news, I have a million papers to grade.  I’m going to avoid that and enjoy the show.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Home for a few weeks

I just finished the last of my travel for a few weeks at least.  Our trip to Austin was pretty successful though.  Our history team took first place and we had the individual state champion in our class.  I didn’t really have time to blog.  I couldn’t get internet while at the competition and I spent the first day finishing up my website offline.  I did also get to read a book that had nothing to do with school which was nice. 

It was a long drive home yesterday but we got in around 10 and I got back home shortly before 11.  I uploaded my website and now I just have to take three assessments and I’ll be done with coursework for the semester.  I’ll have about a 3 week break and will start up again this summer. 

I got my Southwest Airlines tickets for our vacation in the mail yesterday so that is exciting.  I need to reserve a rental car and buy our theme park tickets.  I cannot tell you how ready I am for vacation. 

My website for my web design class is finally finished – at least as much as I’m going to do for the project.  I’ll continue to add to it, I’m sure.  Feel free to check it out.

I ordered pizza for lunch because I didn’t want to cook.  Now it’s dinner time.  Not sure what I’ll do for dinner.  Guess I’ll go check the fridge and cupboards. 

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

On the way to Austin

Somehow I managed to get everything done today and leave on time.  I had to pack this morning, write up my sub plans, print worksheets, grade papers, buy glue sticks, pick up the expedition and leave by 4:00.  We stopped in Lubbock for dinner and I had a giant burrito at Freebirds.  I don’t know if it was the burrito, but I started having intestinal issues and had to make several stops after that.  We are in Abilene tonight and will head into Austin tomorrow. 

Thankfully we’re not heading out until 9:00 tomorrow.  I do need to get a log finished and submitted before we leave.  I just didn’t feel up to doing any work this evening.  I found out I made a 98 on my action research paper. I was very pleased with that grade.  I have a few more things to finish on my website and I’ll get that done in the next day or so.  I still have three assessments to finish and then I’ll be done for the semester. 

It’s way past my bedtime so I’m going to get some sleep. 

Monday, May 03, 2010

Sort of a day off

I have the day off from school today.  It kind of came as a surprise since I didn’t realize we still had a comp day coming up.  I’m not complaining though.  It will be a short week for me.  I’ll be at school Tuesday and Wednesday and them I’m heading to Austin after school on Wednesday.  I’ll get back on Saturday and then I have training all day Monday and half of Tuesday.  It’s been difficult to work around this trying to figure what my classes should do while I’m gone. 

I was looking forward to sleeping in this weekend and today.  I reported about my Saturday awakening.  I did end up going back to sleep and getting up around 9:30.  Yesterday I got up by 8:00 and did some work on the grant project that is due today.  I sang in the choir yesterday and then came home and mostly worked on my website that I have to get finished and emailed my partners back and forth all day regarding the grant.  I’m not keen on working in groups.  I guess I’m too independent.  Though my partners have been great to work with and have done an amazing job, I usually prefer doing things my own way. 

I’m making great progress with my website.  I created a really cool banner in photoshop.  Now I’m working on all the details of the other pages.  It has been a little frustrating having to go between two computers though.  I only have photoshop on my old laptop.  So I have to edit images and crop them over there and then get them to the new laptop.  Of course I’ve been doing it the hard way by moving them via email or a jump drive.  Just this morning I remembered that I could map a network so I’ll try that and see if it goes faster.  (Edit – finding it is more difficult than I thought as the computer is not cooperating.)  When I’m finished with the website, I’ll post the link so you can check it out. 

Well, I get get to work.  I need to get most of the website finished today as I won’t have time later this week. 

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Best Laid Plans

I was looking forward to sleeping in for three days in a row!  (I have Monday off from school.)  So why am I up at 4:30 in the morning?  Was it the three $1 margaritas I had at dinner?  I was in bed by 9:00 last night, but that means I should have easily slept until 7:30 or 8:00 this morning. I do remember having a disturbing dream tonight.  I dreamed that Josh was getting married and I was mad about it because it was very sudden and I didn’t even know the girl.

Well, I guess since I’m up, I write a real post of sorts.  TAKS testing is over, thank goodness.  Texas probably heard a huge sigh of relief yesterday from thousands of teachers across the state.  It is the worst week in the world.  I didn’t really mind reading the test to students, but it is frustrating when you know the answer to a question and you see them put down a different answer to something that seems so obvious.  You just want to “will” them the right answer.  And that’s all I can say about the test.  I can’t really talk about it as it would go against the “oath” I signed stating that I would not reveal any of the questions or other test information.  The hoops we jump through are really ridiculous. 

Well, the lawn mower may not be quite dead.  Yesterday I checked it and I could pull the starter cord again though I didn’t really try to start it as I was going to be going out. I’m going to try to finish the front sometime this morning (after I go BACK to sleep).  My hands still hurt though from mowing on Thursday. 

It is going to be a busy weekend.  We’re finally making progress in my group so I hope we can get the project finished.  I also have to really focus on the website work.  I need to take pictures of my current rosaries available and get the “store” up again.  I foolishly brought school papers home to grade even though I’m certain I won’t get to them.  I’m just glad I have Monday off to finish things as needed.  Next week will be a two day week for me which is good and bad.  It’s going to be rough getting sub plans ready and to figure out what my English classes will do. 

Well, I guess I’ve been up long enough.  I’m going to try to go back to bed and get more sleep.