Monday, June 30, 2008

On the Road Again

Well, I'm not actually on the road... that was yesterday and I was really in the air, but let's not get technical about that. The point is that I'm out of town once again. I'm at the NECC convention in San Antonio. It's a total technology haven full of lots of computer geeks (my kind of people). I feel a bit overwhelmed and even lost. I feel that I have a slightly above average knowledge when it comes to technology but here I feel like I'm more of a bumbling idiot. Oh, it's not that bad, really, but there's just so much here. I didn't get to go to the first workshop I wanted to because it filled up. I've learned that you have to get in early to get seats to the sessions. I thought I was early by getting there 20 minutes before, but I guess that wasn't enough. Tomorrow the first one I want to go to isn't until after lunch so I'm going to go to the exhibits in the morning and then get in line for the room early. The second workshop was good until I lost the internet connection. We were learning about all sorts of cool free sites that teachers can use. I did get the main site down so I'll try to look at all the stuff at some point when I have time. The last workshop that I went to today didn't give me the information I thought I would get so I just did work on the video. I did visit the Adobe place in the exhibit hall and viewed an overview session of Acrobat 9 Pro and now I really want it. I'm going to have to get a copy of it somehow.
Now I'm back at the hotel and I'm continuing to work on the video. I've learned some cool stuff just playing around.
Well, I better get back to work.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Book is Finished!

I stayed up until 5:00 a.m. Wednesday night/Thursday morning and finally went to bed. I got up at 9:30 and took it to the printer. On Friday, I saw a proof of the book and gave the o.k. for printing. Now it's out of my hands. I finished the bingo game, the ballot, burned a CD of pictures, and am almost finished with my last powerpoint game. I just need to merge it into the others and then I'll be done... except for printing the name badges. I have those made and just need to print them and the tickets. I plan to work on the slide show while I'm in San Antonio. I need to burn some music for that. I'm not having dinner with Marty (no surprise) so that leaves me more time to clean today. That is my goal today... get the cleaning done. No, I'm not going to get to the garage as I had hoped, but maybe later this summer when it's about 110 degrees out. I have to go to Mass this evening since I'm leaving tomorrow.
My car battery is dead and I'm trying to get it jump started. If I'm successful, then I'll go to the auto store and get a new battery... it's a good thing I have a little extra money this month.
Well, it's a brief update, but that's all for now.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sleep Deprived

But I am happy to say that the book is finished. I'm sure there's still more I could do and I know there will be several mistakes that have been overlooked, but it's out of my hands now. I was up until 5:00 a.m. this morning. At that point I had everything done except for 5 small spaces to be filled. I called it a night (or a morning) and went to bed. I set the alarm for 9:00. I was not happy to hear it go off this morning, but I got up anyway. I continued working on the book filling those few spaces more more "fun" facts and such. I finished the book around 10:45 and then spent an hour proofing it and then exporting it to a pdf file and finally burning it to a CD. I headed to Amarillo around 12:45 and dropped the CD off at the printing place and then went to Office Max to get name badges and other supplies for the reunion. On the way back I stopped at Walmart and got more reunion stuff (and cat food). Now I'm home. I toyed with the idea of making myself stay up so that I could get my body clock back on regular time, but I think I'm going to lose that battle. I'm worn out and I believe a nap will happen shortly. I still have a lengthy to do list but at least it's not the book. I haven't even started on the slide show... that's a scary thought. Marty will be in town this weekend and I told him I'd take him to dinner on Saturday for his birthday. (Don't read anything into that ... it's just as friends and nothing more.) So before then I need to do the following: organize the registration forms, create a nametag template, choose elementary pics for the reunion game and scan/crop them, burn a CD of pictures for the reunion decorator, create a final trivia powerpoint game, finish the bingo cards, create ballots for the reunion voting, get music for parade and slide show and copy files to my Mac - then I also have to clean house and pack for my trip on Sunday. Do you think we could stop time for about a day or two?
I still haven't read any blogs and now it's up to 73 - I promise I start reading again soon!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blogging Hiatus

I'm consumed with the reunion book right now. Sunday and Monday I didn't go to bed until 4:00 a.m. Last night I gave up close to 3:00 a.m. I got up at 9:00 this morning and worked for 2 1/2 hours until I had to get ready to go to Hereford for a meeting and to turn in my expenses for the Vegas trip. I got back around 5:00 and have been working non-stop. It's going well... just time consuming. I haven't read any blogs in 3 days. I have to get it completed by tomorrow. Tonight is looking like another all-nighter. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a perfectionist. I probably shouldn't have taken the time to blog, but there's a handful of you that might worry if I don't. Just wanted to give you an FYI. If I don't post by Saturday - send a search crew.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Like a machine

I've been sitting in front of the computer for about 20 hours now. No, not straight in a row, but I was up until 4:00 a.m. last night. I went to bed shortly thereafter and got up around 9:15 this morning and started working again. I'm slowly getting in the last few stragglers on the reunion book information. They have until midnight to get it in or they won't be included. Tomorrow will be spent all day piecing the book together. I've got to work on the extra "fun" stuff that I'm going to include in the book - like 80's trivia and stuff about the class... like naming the classmates who married someone within the class.
I also have an additional dilemma to worry about on top of all this reunion stuff. I was thinking of scrapping the idea of going to grad school. With my schedule next year, I'm not sure I could handle the work load and I hadn't heard anything regarding financial aid so I figured no big deal to scrap it. Well, I got my financial aid stuff in the mail while I was gone to Vegas. I can receive a subsidized and an unsubsidized loan along with a grant that would more than pay for the courses. Now I have to decide whether to accept the aid and start this fall or not. If I start, I have to see it through because you have to start paying back the loans as soon as you drop below the required number of hours or stop going. So do I take a deep breath and do it regardless of my schedule and just deal with it or do I risk waiting and then never seeing it through? Decisions to be made... but will have to hold for now.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's good to be home

Although I always enjoy going to Vegas, it is good to be home. A week is an awfully long time to be gone. I opted to not sleep last night other than about a 20 minute cat nap. I was a little frustrated since we didn't leave on time as I expected. When I stopped to fill up the rental car with gas, the pump didn't print a receipt so I had to go inside to get one wasting more time. But we made it despite the lengthy lines we had wait in at the airport. I tried dozing on the plane but it was difficult with a child screaming at the top of their lungs. Once I gave up on sleep, I started reading my new Janet Evanovich book. After we stopped in Denver, we moved up closer to the front of the plane. I continued reading and got close to finishing the book. I'm probably 3/4 of the way through. We picked up the car from long term parking, stop at Arby's to pick up some sandwiches and finally arrived home a little after 1:00 p.m. I gave some attention the animals, called my aunt and finally hit the bed. I slept for about 4 hours or so. Although I probably could have stayed in bed, I made myself get up so I would be able to sleep tonight. I'm going to church in the morning, but I'm sure it will be the later service.
I picked up a lot of stuff for the reunion when I got back, but I'm putting it on hold until tomorrow. The next few days will be focused on getting the book done. I picked up Thai Kitchen for dinner - I didn't even consider cooking. I need to go to the store, but that will be put off until tomorrow as well. I'm going to recuperate tonight.

Do I sleep?

It's been a very long day but a very good one as well. We left around 9 this morning to go watch the final events. We did that until 5:15 this evening. We then went to the Venetian and had dinner before going to see Phantom. We were impatient about getting dinner as everything seemed to be very slow and we didn't want to miss anything. Thankfully we made it with a couple of minutes to spare. The show was AMAZING. I absolutely loved it. Afterwards we walked down to the Bellagio to watch the fountains. From there we went shopping at the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood. Then we made the long trek back to the Venetian. We didn't get back to the hotel until around 12:30 a.m. It is now 1:53 a.m. and we have to leave for the airport by 4:00 a.m. I am debating as to whether I should make an attempt at a couple hours of sleep or if I should just stay up and sleep on the plane. I'm tired, but I could probably get a second wind shortly. What to do? Well, I need to get off the computer and get it put away so I don't have to do much in terms of getting ready in a couple of hours. Ugh. Why did we decide on the early flight out?

Friday, June 20, 2008

No time to post

Last night I was so exhausted after getting in late that I didn't have the energy to post. Tonight is similar but I figured I could give a brief update. One of my students made it through round seven in prose reading. That means he was within the top 35 performers in the nation - which is pretty darn good. We were able to watch the finals of the interp events (Humorous, Dramatic, and Duo Interp) this evening. We saw some amazing performances.
Tomorrow we're going to watch the consolation events and Oratory and then we'll go to the strip and have dinner somewhere before going to see Phantom of the Opera. Saturday morning will be chaotic as we have to leave the hotel by 4:00, return the car and get to the airport between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. for a 6:30 a.m. flight.
Well, that's all I'm going to take time for this evening. I may not post tomorrow, but will try to catch up this weekend.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Still here in Vegas

My students didn't break to the out rounds so they'll enter the supplemental events tomorrow. I had to judge a round of duo interpretation today. I saw some really good pieces and some not so good ones as well. At least it was easy to judge today. I finished typing in all the reunion information (at least what I have right now). We were able to leave the schools by 2:00 or so and come back to the hotel. I took a nice long nap. Then we left to go to the Schwann party so the students could re-register for the supplemental events. They had an Elvis impersonator that was o.k. but not great. We did get free ice cream but they didn't have pizza this year which was disappointing. So we left in search of a pizza place but all the places we found were closed or for delivery only. We finally found a fancy pizza place that was still open (barely). We got there 10 minutes before closing time but was able to order. I had fettucine alfredo that was good but had a little too much sauce. We got back to the hotel a short while ago so now it's almost bed time again. Competitions continue tomorrow and then we'll watch finals of some of the main events on Thursday evening. Friday is when we are going to go to Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian.

Well, it's another day. I still have a lot that I need to do on the reunion book - I hope to get a lot of it done by tomorrow. Once again it's time for bed.

Monday, June 16, 2008

First day of competition

This morning came too early, but I was awake before the alarm went off. We made it to the schools on time and I was very lucky to get a parking spot. I didn't have to judge the first round but I hung out in the judge pool room where it was quiet and I could plug in my computer. I sat and started working on the reunion book. I got quite a bit done today, but I still have a lot to do. I did have to judge a round of Oratory at 11:30. I wasn't that impressed with most of the students. Afterwards I went to get some lunch from the coach's lounge. I got about a quarter of a sandwich, some salad (that I had to eat with a spoon) and some chips. I did more work on the computer until I had to judge again at 4:00. That round of Oratory was a little better. I was surprised, however, that the other judge gave the one (first) to the student that I ranked last. Makes me worry about the quality of judging. You would think that actual speech coaches judging would be better. I'm not saying that I'm a great judge, but the oratory had no structure, the kid sounded like a preacher and was all over the place.
We left about 5:30 and went to dinner. We ate at Chipotle's where they make huge burritos. It was pretty good, but nothing amazing. It was filling though especially after such a wimpy lunch. We then went to Walmart since both Josh and my other student forgot to pack belts. After that we took another "scenic" route back to the hotel. Now I'm settled in for the night and will probably make it an early night to bed. I felt so tired today.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dog Tired

I don't know where that expression came from and I feel more tired than probably dogs generally feel at the moment. We walked ALL day today. First after only 6 hours of sleep I got up and got ready to go to church. I left around 7:35 Vegas time and went to the 8:00 service at a church about three miles away. It was a decent service and was thankfully short. Then we left around 10:30 to go to registration. That didn't take too long and then we drove over to the strip. We again parked at the MGM grand and then went across to New York, New York for lunch. They have a neat area with a bunch of small eating places so we all found something to eat. Then we walked forever. It was blazing hot and I almost died from heat exhaustion. (O.k. maybe a slight exaggeration, but it was probably 114 degrees today.) I did wear sunscreen so I don't think I burned. We walked to the Venetian and got tickets to see Phantom of the Opera. We're gambling a bit by assuming that none of my kids makes it to finals at Nationals. But hey - it's Vegas - I guess I'll take the bet. The tickets were $76 for crappy seats, but I've heard good things about the show so hopefully it will be worth it. We then went to the forum shops at Cesar's Palace and walked even more. By then it was getting to be 5-6 p.m. and I still hadn't had the chance to ride the rollercoaster that I've been waiting years to ride. So then we walked AGAIN to the bus stop that was only about a mile away and then took the bus to the Sahara - getting off one stop too early causing us to walk even MORE. But finally I made it to the Nascar cafe and was able to get my $10 ride in. It was a very good ride despite the over-the-shoulder restraints. Then we crossed the street and took the bus back to the MGM and walked the additional mile and a half to the car. We left the strip around 7:30 and then made a run to the schools where the competitions would be held. It was easy to find and took about 15-30 minutes from the hotel but I'm concerned about parking in the morning. There's only a small lot since they are middle/junior high schools and I have a feeling that a lot more cars will be there. So we're going to leave a bit early and try to get a spot.
Well, that's about all I can handle this evening - I'm calling it a night.

The Waiting Game

Well, we arrived in Vegas safe and mostly sound. But it has very much been a waiting game all around. First, when I drove up to the car parking place at the airport in Amarillo I had to wait about 5 minutes before anyone came to my car. Usually they have someone that hops right in and rides with you to the airport and then drives your car back. I guess they were short on people because we had to get out with all of our luggage and take the shuttle. Not that it's a long trip, but it was an inconvenience. Then our plane was delayed by about 40 minutes. Once we arrive in Las Vegas there wasn't much of a wait in terms of getting our luggage or getting on the shuttle to the rental car center. But once there the line at Dollar (and almost all other places) stretched what seemed like miles. It took about an hour to get the rental car. Then we piled all the luggage and people in the car and headed to the Hard Rock cafe (in a very round-about way - thanks to one-way streets) for lunch. Luckily another group got there early for us so there was no waiting. The meal was good (I had the Haystack chicken salad) but was a little pricey. After that we came to the hotel to check in. They gave us two rooms in one building and another room in a completely different building across the complex. I wasn't happy about it but they said there was nothing they could do since they were completely booked up. So I put the boys by themselves and we came over to the other building. Come to find out, they did the same thing to another school from our area but the coach was in our building and her kids were in the other building so we ended up just switching rooms. The coach moved over there and the boys came over here which made it more convenient for everyone around - except for the fact that they had to repack everything and move and they're both on the third floor with no elevator.
Then we chilled for a bit. Around 5 (Vegas time) we headed to Walmart to get supplies. Since we have suites with mini kitchens, we got cereal and drinks and stuff. I also got more hangers since the hotel supplies us with only four. Then I thought I had a great plan for going to Freemont street. We would park at the MGM Grand (since you don't have to be on the strip to access the garage) and take the bus downtown. According to the information I gathered, it would take 30-45 minutes to get downtown. It actually took over an hour. But we made it there and watched the Freemont Street Experience and listened to a live band play some 80's hard rock and watched the drunk people act stupid. We then went to a grill to get a late snack since we didn't supper (I just got a coke) and then we watched another light show. After that we took the bus back to the MGM Grand (another hour trip) and then it was a 15 minute walk to the car and a 20 minute drive back to the hotel. We didn't get in until 1:30 in the morning which was actually 3:30 Texas time.
I went to bed shortly after getting in but I got up early this morning to go to church. I know I'll be tired today, but I wanted to make sure I went early enough that it didn't interfere with other plans for today. Now I'm waiting for my kids to get ready (another hour) and then we'll go to registration. After that, we'll go back to the strip and experience it. We have 24 hour bus passes that are good until 8:00 tonight so we'll use them and go up and down the strip a bit - but do it in moderation. I do have to get to the Sahara so I can ride my rollercoaster that I've been trying to ride for the last few years.
I think my kids are having fun - it's already been quite an eye-opening experience. We've seen prostitutes, porn, panhandling, and a lot of drunks. Nothing like being in Sin City for a National speech tournament.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Disappearing posts

I did make another post earlier this week but had issues with it and thought I'd save it and post it later but now it has disappeared. I know I've been slacking off, but I'm really keeping busy with the reunion stuff. I appreciate all those of you that have contributed ideas. Let them keep coming in. Here's a recap of the week:
Tuesday - Went to Hereford and had my lab work done (that was supposed be done in Dec.) I also picked up my MacBook and the tech guy didn't install Windows on it because so many others want it on their machines as well so we're going to have a "training session" where we'll do it all at once - not that I have a lot of extra time right now. I ordered a new battery for my Dell laptop since I decided to take it with me to Vegas instead of the MacBook.
Wednesday - Spent most of the day working on reunion stuff. Finished the picture game and some of the Bingo stuff. Went to the store and spent way too much money but got three pairs of shorts (one is actually a skort) and three new tops. Also got pet food for while I'm gone and some stuff for my dad as well.
Thursday - Scanned all the pictures that I've received for the reunion in spite of my scanner on the newish printer that doesn't seem to want to talk to my computer. I used Josh's old scanner/printer but couldn't scan higher than 300 dpi. Did some shopping yesterday. Bought an ink cartridge at Best Buy and then a shirt and tie for Josh to take to Nationals. (Can a guy have too many dress shirts and ties?) Then I met a friend for a drink (non-alcoholic) at Starbucks and visited for a while. After that I went to Kohl's and bought a pair of black capri pants and two tops. I should be high-stylin' in Vegas. (O.k. - I'm never really all that fashionable, but it will be nice to wear new clothes.) Then I met a different friend for dinner at a Mexican restaurant and had a margarita. I ordered my meal without beans and of course they didn't take them off. I ate around them, however.
Today - Printed a million maps for driving around Vegas. (No, I'm not planning on driving around the strip except possibly parking at the MGM Grand which can be accessed off strip.) Went to the bank and cashed the meal money check and got some extra cash. Charged my new laptop battery. (Woo hoo!) Now I'm sorting all my clothes to figure out how to pack for this trip without my luggage weighing over 5o pounds.
We leave tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. (flight leaves around 10:00) and will arrive in Vegas around lunch time. Not sure what our plans are. My kids never did get back to me about what shows they wanted to see so I guess we'll figure it out when we get down there. Well, I better get back to packing - it will probably take me the rest of the afternoon/evening to get it done.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Reunion Help

I'm working on stuff for the reunion and I'm seeking help from my fellow bloggers. First of all I'm creating a BINGO game for the evening of the mixer. It will be similar to a scavenger hunt where they have to find people that fit the description in each square. Some of the clues are things like "Someone that has two or more tattoos." "Someone that has four or more children." "Someone that had Mrs. So-So for Math" etc. If you have any ideas for additional squares, please note them in the comments.

Also, if you're a child of the 80's give me some ideas of pictures to use for a "Name that Picture" game. Some pictures I have are of the Chernobyl disaster, an Atari game, Betamax, Geradine Ferraro, etc. I want them to be something that isn't totally obvious - like Ronald Reagan.

Last is an elimination game where everyone stands if they meet a certain criteria until there's only one left standing. Examples would be the person that traveled the farthest, most legs living in their house etc. I need additional ideas on this.

So to encourage participation, if you leave a comment with an idea, I'll choose one person (by random drawing) and send them a little something.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Short Hair and a brief post

Well this is me with short hair again. It looked better in the mirror than it did in this picture. Oh well. I got it cut about two weeks ago but haven't gotten around to posting a picture (other than the pop art one when I played with my MacBook). Last night we went out to eat at a Mexican food place called Abuelo's. It was very good but I ate way too much. I had the Laredo plate which had two enchiladas (beef and a cheese), a taco, and rice and pappas. I wish I would have eaten less and brought some of it home but I was a pig instead. I really need to get cracking on losing some more weight. I'd like to lose another 10 pounds or so before the reunion. Is that vain of me? I know I'm fat, but if I lost the weight I'd be closer to what I weighed at the 10 year reunion.
I played at church this morning. We're starting some new Mass parts so it was a bit different. The cool thing is that the instruments (well, me today) get to play in the introduction before everyone comes in. After church I went up to Walmart to get a gift bag and some additional items for a baby gift. I'm going to a baby shower this afternoon. I'm forcing myself to go beyond my usual comfort levels and get out and try to be social. I'm really tired though. I didn't go to bed until 11:30 and was up at 7:30 this morning. My aunt and uncle went to breakfast around 9:30 and I finished getting ready for church. I got there about 10:00 to practice. Now my aunt and uncle have left so we're back down to just a small zoo here. (They brought their three dogs with them.)
Well, I need to get ready to go to the shower. Be back later!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Shopping Day

My aunt and cousin went shopping today. My cousin's daughter is getting married and my aunt was going to buy her (my cousin) a dress for her to wear to the wedding. So we spent time at Dillards while she was trying on things. She was complaining about gaining weight and being fat when she has gone from a size two to a four. I told her that when she is my size she can complain then. After Dillards we went to JC Penny's and did a little more shopping. My cousin found her outfit at Dillards but my aunt was kind enough to buy me a dress to wear for my reunion banquet. It is a basic black that I think will be slimming. I also got two other outfits that I can wear at school and at Nationals. When we went back through Dillards I found black dress shoes on sale for $12.75. I bought those so all I need now is a pair of control top pantyhose.
I finished one of my games for the reunion. We're starting to get registrations in so I think it will be successful. I just hope I can get everything else done. I'm playing at church in the morning so I guess I should get some sleep.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Progress despite tiredness

There's nothing like having company come over to make me get busy cleaning. I can't say the house is perfect, but it is fairly clean compared to what it has been the past several months. I even mopped the kitchen floor. (Shocked, I know!) Now I'm working on my room which has looked like a mini tornado swept through. I'm putting away baskets and piles of clothes that I've never gotten around to. My bathroom is mostly clean though I need to do the floor. I'm doing laundry off and on and have a large pile in my room to get do. My aunt and uncle will be here in about an hour or so and we're meeting at Feldman's for dinner. I need to go clean out my car since I have to pick up my cousin on the way to dinner. I just wanted to make brief post to let you know that I'm still alive and kicking.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Need some energy

I'm still tired and this sucks. I went to Hereford today for a yearbook meeting and I did some other work while up there. I started going through the book room of the speech/theater teacher that retired and there's a lot of stuff to go through. I made a fairly decent sized pile of stuff that will need to be packed and moved to my new room. I was going to go have my lab work done but the doctor didn't tell me to fast so I didn't and I should have. I'll have to wait until I pick up my laptop next week and do it then.
I have a lot of cleaning that needs to get done tonight/tomorrow before my aunt and uncle arrive. I just don't have the energy right now. I need some vitamins or something. Sometimes I wish I had a taste for coffee, but I don't.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Getting a few things done

Yesterday was a fairly productive day for me. I got the extra bedroom cleaned and a new space set up for my computers. I did dishes and cleaned the kitchen some. A good portion of the evening was spent on reunion stuff and some of my websites. This could be a full time job for me and it's another example of how I haven't learned to say "no." It has however, allowed me to learn many new skills so it is ultimately a good thing. I finally was able to set up a password protection for the community band site, but it's still not 100% secure - but I'm not certain that anything on the web is ever totally secure. I have a members only section created that should be cool once we get profiles from other band members.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Maybe a Mac convert?

I got a brand new MacBook yesterday.  The training was really interesting and I'm impressed with the capabilities of this new computer.  I don't know if I'm a convert yet, but I think it will be fun to play with.  The picture was done using the photo booth program.  When I got home yesterday I was so excited about getting it hooked up on my wireless internet but had some issues which turned out to be a very easy and simple fix, but I had to create a little havoc before I realized the stupid mistake I made.  So needless to say, I did eventually get it connected after a lot of silent swearing.  As a matter of fact, I am typing this post using my new computer.  I've used Macs before so it's not totally unfamiliar to me, but it takes some getting used to.  There are still some PC features that I prefer, but I guess I just have to deal with them.  Actually, I'll be getting Windows installed on this machine so it will basically be a dual platform.  The yearbook program we use is a Windows version.  So the verdict is still out, but I'm having fun, so that is a good thing.

I was up until midnight last night but slept well for once.  I woke up at 7-something but didn't get out of bed until a little after 8:00.  I started cleaning the guest bedroom since my aunt and uncle are coming this weekend.  I also brought both my computers in here since I need a large area to start working on the reunion stuff.  I need to get dressed and headed to the post office shortly so I can mail the hotel check for Nationals.  My aunt and uncle are giving Josh $1000 to help pay for the trip.  We did get about 1/3 of it (or $300) in donations from some friends, family and a couple of teachers.  

Well, I better get busy and get some work done today.  I'm off to a good start... just need to stay motivated.  

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Feeling drugged... but better

Boy, that zyrtec totally knocked me out. It took a little while for it to really kick in. I took it around 9:00 last night and went to bed sometime after 11:00. I didn't get up until after 11:00 this morning. It's a good thing I didn't have to go to Mass this morning. But the allergies seem to be gone so I guess that it was worth it. I still feel a bit drugged though.
Mago, I'm not sure what causes the allergies, but I'm sure it's just stuff in the air like pollen and weeds. I had allergy testing done a few years ago and found I was really allergic to ragweed, but the allergies were not itchy type but the sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes type.
Well, I'm feeling incredibly hungry so I'm going to go fix myself some lunch.