Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I'm baaaccckkk

Well, I made it home safe and sound. It was a long drive on Monday (10 hrs) in mostly rain, but made it in one piece which is always good. We drove about 3300 miles on our trip. (This includes having to do some turnarounds after getting lost or bad motel directions)
My coaster count is now 121 coasters. That will probably be it for this year. I don't forsee going to any new parks that I've yet to go to. I do plan to get to Fiesta Texas at some point this summer, but I've ridden the coasters there.
My next goal is to hit the parks in Florida. Don't know when I'll get there, but I'd like to go sometime.
I also need to head to Vegas again... lately I've been getting to go once a year and this year doesn't look like it so far... though Patrick did mention something about it. (I'm a great travel agent, btw)
I just booked a cruise for my dad and his gf. They're heading to Alaska. That sounds like fun too, but I think I'd rather go to the Carribbean. He took us out to dinner tonight.. Red Lobster... was good, but I wasn't that hungry after my Thai Kitchen leftovers for lunch.
I went to the mall today and discovered that although I'm still not losing pounds, I thinkk I'm still losing fat and just perhaps gaining some muscle. I found that I can wear a 14W or a 16 regular which is very good for me. (I was pushing the outer limits of an 18W at my peak) I'm thrilled about it and am going to try to start doing some walking and then take up my dance workout class again in July.
Well, I'm exhausted so will have to call it a night.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Schedule Change

Well, I think I set a new record at a park yesterday. We went to Geauga Lake (pronounced with a soft "g") which was formerly Six Flags Ohio. We found it.. eventually. When we got there it was basically dead. Pretty much all rides (that were working) were a walk-on or a 1 train wait. I rode all but 2 coasters in 2 hours. (7 coasters, I believe)
I wasn't that impressed with the park. It's amazing to come from a great park like Cedar Point where the staff are friendly and helpful and have great attitudes to a park that is run by teens that could care less. They only had 2 really decent coasters and I didn't see the point in spending an additional day at the park.
So today, Josh and I are heading to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame museum. (Patrick should be really jealous) Then we're driving to Cincinnati so our trip plans have been adjusted by a day and we'll be getting back a day early.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

My 100th Coaster

Well, I finally did it. Rode my 100th coaster. Here's the link if you want to check it out... Top Thrill Dragster
It was a great coaster as my 100th being the tallest and fastest. It was a bit intimidating, but still really fun. The scary part is after you go over the top and come straight down at 90 degrees then do a twist before coming back into the station. The entire ride is about 20 seconds and it goes by fast!
I was able to ride two more coasters after that so now my count is 102. By the end of the trip I'll probably be around 125 or more.
Today's plans are sketchy. We've already spent 3 days at the park and are getting really tired of all the walking. (But I know it's good for me!) Today we have to go to Walmart and get some dress clothes for the banquet (didn't realize it was to be dressy or I would have brought clothes with me) then we might go play goofy golf and just take it easy today. I also have to go buy the new Janet Evanovich book since I didn't get to buy it yesterday.
Josh has now ridden a total of 24 coasters which is amazing for a kid that keeps saying he doesn't like them. He has a bit of an irrational fear about them in that he keeps saying he doesn't like negative G's, yet he likes to ride the inverted coasters which have some negative G's and he won't trust me when I tell him that he'll like certain other coasters. But I'm trying not to push it too much. I tried bribing him into riding Millennium Force by telling him I'd buy him the keyboard he wants, and it was a no go. I did buy him a Raptor shirt since it's another coaster he likes. Of course I got a TTD shirt and picture.
Well, off to get going on the day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Well, I'm on vacation and having a great time. Weather so far has been cooperative...hang on..let me knock on some wood.
I still HATE driving in Chicago. Have I mentioned that before?
First day.. long day of driving from Canyon to St. Louis, but uneventful which is a good thing. Made it in 11.5 hrs including stops.
Friday went to Six Flags St. Louis. Perhaps set a new record by riding all coasters in under 3 hours. Got the six that I needed and left the park with 93 coasters under my belt. (though I don't generally wear belts)
Drove to Chicago (Joliet) after that and then headed to the mall. Found out that my typical internet service that I'ved used for work isn't working so I decided to try to do a trial internet service so I could connect while on the trip. Sounds easier than it is. Won't go into details, but I haven't been able to connect for the last several days and I'm having withdrawal symptoms.
Went to the Field Museum on Saturday, then went to Six Flags Great America and got the 4 coasters there that I needed.
Drove to South Bend that night.
Next morning, drove to Sandusky, registered for the con and headed to the park. Rode 2 coasters that I needed to make my number 99, but I have yet to ride Top Thrill Dragster. Ride broke down on Sunday evening, wasn't running yesterday (though they were testing it some) and this morning they were going to be filming a National Geographic special on it. So we decided to sleep in this morning. (Which would have been great except for the children in the room above me which were having a marathon of running all over the room.
Since I had to get up, I decided to give it another shot connecting to the internet and voila.. success so far!
Today we're going to watch the coaster video contest and then I'm going to attempt to ride TTD (Top Thrill Dragster), then I can ride the other coasters that I haven't ridden yet. (There are 3)
We may go to the water park tomorrow and the banquet is tomorrow night.
I'd write more, but have got to hop in the shower and go get some lunch.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Debt Hell

I wonder if I will ever break free of my exe's bad credit issues. I hate the fact that because I made a bad decision in marrying him, and established joint credit with him that I am now suffering financially because of it. Actually I'm doing ok financially. I can pay all my bills have a little left over each month. I did need, however, a little extra cash for my upcoming vacation. I'd been holding out for two more income tax refund checks that have yet to appear in my mailbox. I did get one of them several weeks back which is why I was counting on this trip to begin with. I've already paid $550 for the registration and another $245 for a hotel for part of the trip. Given this, I'm not going to not go.
So I head to my trusty credit union to inquire about a loan. I have taken out numerous loans with them before and have always paid them back. (And on time except for one occasion where the funds did not appear at the proper time)
But because I have a foreclosure (due to the divorce) and am linked to a couple of joint accounts with me ex, all is not well in financial world. Generally a decision for a loan can be made within a reasonable visit of about 30 minutes. This time she has to take the time to work on it and perhaps take it to committee. This does not sound good. Worst case scenario, my dad will co-sign for me, but the point is to be able to do this on my own and not let me ex continue to interfere in my life. I think it will be some time before I can truly break free from his debt that hangs over my head.

coaster trip Itinerary

Itinerary for Jennifer & Josh’s Coaster Trip

Thursday, June 17

Leave Amarillo around 8 a.m. and head for St. Louis.
Will stop for lunch in OKC and arrive St. Louis around 8:30-9:00
We’ll be staying at the Motel 6 in Fenton, MO. (confirmed)
Phone is 636-349-1800
Miles 753

Friday, June 18

Go to Six Flags St. Louis (and hopefully will remember this park this time)
Park opens at 10:00
Coasters to ride: The Boss, Batman the Ride, The Ninja, Mr. Freeze, Screamin’ Eagle, River King Mine Train.
Plan to leave by 4:00 p.m and head up to Chicago and arrive by 9:00 p.m.
Staying at the Motel 6 in Joliet. (confirmed)
Phone is 815-439-1332
Miles 276

Saturday, June 19

Going to the Field Museum and Six Flags Great America
Plan for the Field museum from 10-2
Six Flags from 3:30 until about 8 p.m.
Coasters needing to add: Vertical Velocity, Demon, Ragin’ Cajun, and Whizzer. May have to ride Superman again, though.
After park, we’ll be heading out of Chicago. I’m thinking we’ll get as far as South Bend. (If we can leave earlier, we’ll try to make it to Toledo)
Will be at the Motel 6 in either city. (unconfirmed)
Miles 120 (to South Bend)

Sunday, June 20

Head to Sandusky and Coaster Con XXVII!
Leave around 8-9 a.m. and arrive noon-ish in Sandusky.
We’ll be staying at the Best Budget Inn for the next 4 nights. (confirmed)
Phone is 419-625-7252
Registration for Coaster Con is from 12-5 at the Radisson Harbor Inn
Park will be open for attendance from 1-10
Before leaving for the trip I had ridden a total of 87 coasters. By the time I get to Cedar Point, I will have ridden 97 (if I’m able to ride all of the other ones at both SFStL and SFGAm). That means if I ride two coasters that I haven’t ridden before at Cedar Point (which there are about 4) then I can make Top Thrill Dragster my 100th coaster.
ERT (Exclusive Ride Time) will be on Blue Streak, Raptor, Wicked Twister, and Disaster Transport) at 10:30 p.m. though I’m not sure will stay for that as I’ll need to get up early for the morning ERT on TTD (Top Thrill Dragster).
Miles 200

Monday, June 21

6:30 a.m. ERT on TTD (yes, that’s early!!) But given that this will probably be my 100th coaster, I should do it.
7:00-8:45 Breakfast will be (probably a good thing to eat AFTER the ride)
7:30-9:30 ERT on Magnum XL-200 and Corkscrew
9:00-10:00 ERT on paddlewheel excursions and Photo op for TTD (this means we generally go “behind the scenes” to take pictures of the ride.
10:00 Cedar Point opens to the public.
2:00 Lunch provided by Cedar Point
10:30 ERT on Dodgem
10:45 ERT on Mantis, WildCat, and Iron Dragon with complimentary soft drinks
11:00 ERT on Millennium Force

Tuesday, June 22

8:00-10:00 ERT’s on Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Woodstock Express, Mean Streak, and White Water Landing.
8:30 Midway Olympics (form teams and compete in midway games against each other)
10:00 park opens to public
1:00-5:00 ACE stuff like sales tables, photo contest, video contest etc.
10:00 ERT’s on Gemini, Power Tower, Magnum, and TTD
Must take a side trip and buy the new Janet Evanovich book that will be released today.

Wednesday, June 23

6:30 ERT on Millennium Force
7:00 Continental breakfast
7:30 ERT on Raptor, Blue Streak, and Calypso
10:00 Cedar Point open to public
We may go to the Water Park on this day or do something other than Cedar Point as the previous 2 ½ days should be enough!
6:00 p.m. Reception at Sawmill Creek Resort with cash bar (mmmmm!)
7:00 Annual Banquet (sit down dinner) with keynote speaker.

Thursday, June 24

8:00 a.m. Check out of hotel and head towards Cleveland.
We will be staying at the Motel 6 in Macedonia. (confirmed)
The number is 330-468-1670
We will be here for two nights.
10:00 Geauga Lake open.
7:30 Reception
11:00 ERT on coasters (but some names have changed since park changed)
Miles 71

Friday, June 25

8:00 a.m. Continental Breakfast
8:30 ERT on coasters
10:00 Park open to public
TBA Picnic Lunch
TBA Exclusive showing of killer whale show
10:30 More ERT

Saturday, June 26

That will be the end of coaster con for us… we’re heading to Cincinnati.
Leave around 10:00 and arrive in Cincinnati around 2:30.
We will most likely be staying at the Motel 6 in Sharonville. (unconfirmed)
No plans for the evening.. might find a mall or go to a movie.
Miles 227

Sunday, June 27

10:00 Paramount King’s Island
Will probably spend a full day at the park until around 5 or 6.
After leaving the park, we’ll drive to Louisville, KY.
We’ll probably be staying at the Motel 6 (Airport) in Louisville. (unconfirmed)
Miles 116

Monday, June 28

Big day of hitting two parks.
(Realized we were going to be going past Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and had to add it on.
10:00 Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.
Leave park by 2:00 pm and head to Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN.
Arrive Holiday World by 4:00 p.m. and stay until 9:00.
(must ride Raven and Legend)
Leave Santa Claus and head for Evansville.
Mostly likely staying at Motel 6. (unconfirmed)
Miles 121

Tuesday, June 29

Finally time to head home.
We’ll be driving from Evansville to hopefully Tulsa, OK.
Miles 565 (unless I’m tired and stop in Joplin instead)

Wednesday, June 30

Should make it back home by sometime that evening.
Miles 380

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Well, it's my favorite color..

What Color is Your Brain?

brought to you by Quizilla

At work or in school: I work best by myself. I like to focus on my ideas until my desire for understanding is satisfied. I am easily bored if the subject holds no interest to me. Sometimes, it is hard for me to set priorities because so many things are of interest.
With friends: I may seem reserved. Although my thoughts and feelings run deep, I am uneasy with frequent displays of emotion. I enjoy people who are interesting and of high integrity.
With family: I am probably seen as a loner because I like a lot of private time to think. Sometimes, I find family activities boring and have difficulty following family rules that don't make sense to me. I show love by spending time with my family and sharing ideas and interests.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

here's my name acronym thing...


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com

way cool

Josh and I would often play 20 questions in the car on long trips, though we often wouldn't actually count the number of questions. I found this website in another blog and it guessed what I was thinking. Very fun.

Cell phone companies

I'm a bit peeved at the moment. I went to my cell phone place (Cingular) to look into changing my phone plan from statewide to nationwide since I'll be doing a bit of travelling this summer. One plan showed that it had maximum coverage area, but you had to have one of two phones available. Since I just redid a contract with them in Oct. and didn't have this particular phone, I figured I couldn't change without buying a new phone. I thought that the other plan looked ok though it had less coverage currently, it showed how it was expanding. Well, I found out that I also have to have a different phone for that plan as well. It turns out that I cannot have nationwide coverage with the current phone I have. When I got the phone for free (which is a relative term these days) I had to sign another 2 yr contract, so the only way to go to a nationwide plan is to buy a new phone starting at $99. I could look into another company, but discontinuing my plan would cost $150 for a cancellation charge. I'm not sure why I was given a phone that was already outdated when I renewed my plan in October and why I wasn't told that perhaps I would need to have a different phone for the future coverage. Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhh.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Have you noticed..

Have you noticed how the information in the blog spot thing at the top of the page changes based on topics in your blogs? I find that interesting. I was reading the blog of a guy named Prision Pete and the two website links are "Boyd Unit Parole" and "Amnesty for the Elderly"

I've been stood up

Ok, this should both upset and lift Patrick a bit.
I had a lunch date of sorts today. A guy I met online many months ago that I've been talking to from time to time has asked me out on a couple of occasions and I've politely turned him down. Today, I decided to just go ahead and meet him.
Through our discussions, I had noticed a few red flags which meant that he's really not my type, nor would I want to entertain an idea of dating him, but I decided to be nice and hold full judgment until meeting him in person.
Let me preface this by saying, this is the second opportunity I've given him to meet. The first, we hadn't actually set up a place or time, but was supposed to see him online... well many hours passed and it turned out that his mother had fallen and he had to go to the hospital...at least that's what he told me then. So, I'm giving the guy another chance. He starts out being a little wishy-washy over meeting somewhere etc, telling me to call him when I was ready. I made him commit to a place and time which turned out to be Olive Garden at 1:30. I arrived around 1:35 (a little fashionably late) and I waited for him to show up. Patiently I sat as the minutes ticked by. He had given me his phone number in an IM and I'm fairly certain I remembered it, though I didn't write it down. I tried calling him around 1:50 and all I got was a voice mail message and it didn't even say his name, so I wasn't actually sure it was him. He had my number as I had given it to him online as well.. in case something came up once again. Well, my phone never rang. At about 2:00 I gave up, and had lunch on my own. It's a good thing that I don't have a complex about that. I've eaten dinner on my own on many occasions and I don't have a problem with it. Still it's a bit irksome to be stood up. I've had dates rescheduled or run late, but I do believe this is he first case of actually being stood up. I just figure it's his loss and this confirms my decision that he is NOT one I could fancy.

Current state of dating and a little about me

Here is my current position. I’m recently divorced (about two months now) and have been separated since October. Since that time I’ve come to know what it is like to be happy and am enjoying life. I’m definitely not in a rush to find my next love, but if it happens I won’t run. I am in the process of dating. That means I don’t have one particular man that is special over another. I have met and gone out with interesting people and intend to do more of that. I have yet to meet someone where I’ve said, “Wow, HE’S the ONE.” I’m taking my time this go round and perhaps I either haven’t met the right one or he hasn’t grown on me yet. I know that I may not find someone that is perfect in my eyes, but I hope that there’s at least enough qualities to keep me interested. I try to keep my mind open and not be judgmental about anyone I do go out with. I admit that in some cases I’ve raised some red flags or questioned some things about them, but still suspending full judgment until I get to know them better. I have a hard time being critical and have found that most men can’t handle it, but if something just isn’t right, I’m going to try to be open about it.
I’m leading with my head and not so much my heart this time. I hope that when the right one comes along (according to my head), that my heart will follow. I just hope the feeling will be mutual. I have had some good and not so good responses with the personals and there are several men that have indicated or taken an interest in me. As long as they’re ok with the fact that I’m not going to go “steady” with any one of them at this moment, I’m open to going out and getting to know each other.
I’m the type of person that enjoys romance and bits of intimacy (meaning I can kiss, hold hands, cuddle etc. without being committed) but it doesn’t mean that I’ve fallen in any way. It usually means that I’m comfortable with the person and am taking an interest. It may take a while for me to “fall” even with the right person. I’ve made the mistake of not knowing people well enough before getting too involved and don’t intend to do that again. But once I give my heart to someone, it is theirs to keep forever… at least I hope they do. (Unless they break it so often I have to take it back)

I have my faults just as anyone does and probably a few skeletons in my closet. (Don’t worry, I’m not wanted for murder in any state) Probably my biggest issue is jealousy. I can be a jealous person. I don’t know if it’s just selfishness on my part, but I want to feel special and be the ONLY special woman in my man’s life (other than is mother). But let me give some background on this. I was married to a man that constantly needed his ego stroked by women. He had a hero complex and enjoyed the attention he got when “rescuing” damsels in distress. This continued even after getting married with women “friends”. It seemed he had an array of ex-girlfriends that all of a sudden wanted him back or other “friends” that realized what a special man he was. He also had a wandering eye and cheated on me. So, yes, I was jealous. But let me further explain my issue on friends. I don’t have a problem with women that are true friends. I have male friends of my own that are nothing but just that. But I would expect in a relationship that all friendships with the opposite sex be open. I would hope to be introduced to any female friends of my partner. If something ever seems fishy or not right, I hope that my feelings will not be discarded, but at least listened to with an open mind. Bottom line, I don’t think I have a problem with it unless one gives me a reason to.

My ex would have said that I could be controlling. Perhaps. I’d like to give background on this too. I controlled the finances of the house. He was VERY bad with money and I had to take over to keep us afloat. When we split the bills his never got paid, so we’d get further behind with late fees etc. He complained that we never had money for this or that… but I always made sure the bills were paid on time. I hope that in my next relationship that money issues can be handled jointly as I don’t think I could surrender all control over finances. My ex said that I treated him like a child and he felt he had to ask permission to do anything. My response was that he could act like a child and wasn’t trustworthy so yes, I did that. He lied to me on numerous occasions, hid things from me, cheated on me, and hardly kept his word. So when he said he wanted to go here or do this, I would question it or at least dig for information about it and I would check on him regarding it. Trust was an issue that could never be resolved in our relationship and played a key role in our breakup. I could never trust him and finally realized that. I also realized that I couldn’t make him be responsible. I tried my damnedest to do that and finally understood that it was not my job to do that. So I wouldn’t say that I’m controlling completely by nature, but I do have a very independent streak and can keep myself guarded at times.

I’m stubborn. Sometimes I view this as not being entirely bad, but am sure it can have it’s moments of not being so good. I will apologize for something if I realize I’m wrong or it’s proven to me… but that’s the key… you’ll have to have either evidence or good solid reasoning to do so. Sometimes it has to come down to just agreeing to disagree, which is o.k. as long as it’s something that isn’t a major deal-breaker in a relationship. (Like “I don’t think getting a blow job from a prostitute is cheating…”)

I’m picky. This is something that has to be accepted about me. Regarding foods… I try to be open about some things, but it boils down to I’m a picky eater. If you want to force cooked spinach down my throat, it’s not going to happen. If you cook something special and it has ingredients that I just can’t stomach, I don’t want you to be offended by my decline to taste it. Movies/Entertainment… I try to be opened minded about seeing shows and doing stuff for fun, but if it’s got way too much action or horror, don’t expect me to go. I don’t mind if you go on your own or with some buddies. General tastes… if you want to know what I like… just ask or get my friends involved. I’m not a “diva” type, but have my tastes like anyone else does. But I always appreciate the effort.
Those are the major vices that I think most men will need to get past with me.

What am I looking for? I hope that I’ll know it when I see it, but the perfect man will have some of these qualities:
Honest, a gentleman, faithful, devoted, romantic (but not sappy), intellectual (can be in a variety of ways), sexually compatible and a good kisser, similar interests (rollercoasters, theatre, music, games, travel, etc), will not expect me to be a sports nut (and he should not be OBSESSED with it), financially wise and stable, have a good job that he loves, appreciates me for who I am and what I have to offer – vices and all, similar values and wants the same things out of life. I’m in a position where I don’t want to have to move to be with someone. I just moved and got settled into a new life and am happy where I am. I especially don’t want to uproot my son from where we are. After he goes to college, everything is negotiable. One of the most important things will be to find some that not only will have a good relationship with me (obviously), but someone that can have a good relationship with my son. He will have to be someone that Josh can respect, get along with, and will be a good role model for him. Getting along with my family is important too, but they’re easy to get along with. Most of all I want someone that is a joy to be with, makes me happy, and brings out the best in me.


I found that in my deepest hurt writing poetry would help. I can't say I'll ever win a pulitzer for my ramblings and mostly it is just therapuetic for me. I used to be much more prolific than I've been as of late. When I look back at some of the poems it's amazing to read about such hurt and pain and yet not completely remember it. I do know I've felt such intensity, but it also makes me think "why?" Did I have any control over the hurt I felt? Probably not. Perhaps it is just a state of growing up, but it seems that perhaps it was a process of becoming a true adult. I'm not sure when I crossed over that threshold, but I finally feel like a grown up. (Despite my love for riding coasters) I wish I could say that because of that I'll no longer feel such hurt, but perhaps I can just deal with it better. I'll start posting a few poems here from time to time. This one is probably my favorite.

Broken Heart

Do you ever feel so angry
You just want to throw something?
Smash a glass into a million
Pieces as they fly in every direction.
Like my heart broken for what
Seems like the millionth time.
Such a fragile piece
It should be handled ever so gently
I give it to you so willingly
Yet you toy with it.
Toss it from here to there
Break it every once in a while—
But no need to worry – somehow
It always gets mended.
But there is a time when
Something has been broken so often
It cannot be repaired.
Cracks and holes are left
Reminders of a previous pain
An object that is so fragile
Not a single soul can touch it.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Ok, found this on another journal and then was asked to complete it myself... here goes...
You have to list:

Thirteen random things you like...
1. rollercoasters
2. cats
3. books
4. games
5. music (not rap, or heavy metal)
6. flowers
7. sunsets
8. water
9. Vegas
10. museums
11. Italian food
12. Marvin the Martian
13. cheesecake

Twelve movies...
1. Titanic
2. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
3. The Shawshank Redemption
4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (and the other 2)
5. Rat Race
6. Blazing Saddles
7. Big
8. The Princess Bride
9. Parenthood
10. Mary Poppins
11. Grease
12. Amadeus

Eleven good bands/artists...
1. Olivia Newton John
2. Garth Brooks
3. Journey
4. Chicago
5. J. Giles Band
6. Travis Tritt
7. Phil Collins
8. Richard Marx
9. Bryan Adams
10. Faith Hill
11. Survivor

Ten things about you...
1. I’m cute
2. I play the clarinet
3. I have 5 cats
4. I broke my neck when I was 4
5. I like to read
6. I’m smart
7. I was a speech teacher
8. I collect marvin the martian items
9. I have a tattoo
10. I hate most vegetables

Nine good friends...
1. Kirsten
2. Pam
3. Cristal & Matt
4. Candi
5. David M
6. Patrick
7. Martin
8. Jessica & David
9. Richard

Eight favorite foods/drinks...
1. Spaghetti
2. Fettucini Alfredo
3. Enchiladas
4. Coke, DP, Rootbeer
5. Reunite Lambrusco
6. Bloody Marys, pina coladas, margaritas, colorado bulldogs…
7. Burgers & Fries
8. Steak

Seven things you wear daily...
1. Contacts or glasses
2. underwear (most of the time)
3. bra (most of the time)
4. shoes
5. marvin watch
6. mother’s mothers ring
7. makeup (mostly)

Six things that annoy you...
1. bad drivers
2. dishonesty
3. stupid people
4. irresponsibility
5. dripping faucets
6. not being able to sleep

Five things you touch everyday
1. myself (not in that way…. Well, not always)
2. my pets
3. a book (usually)
4. my calendar
5. computer

Four Shows that you watch
1. CSI
2. Friends
3. Monk
4. young and the Restless

Three websites
1. www.jostens.com
2. www.aceonline.org
3. www.google.com

Two unusual places you've been
1. Island of St. Lucia in the Carribbean
2. Taping of the Price is Right

One person you could spend the rest of your life with
1. Josh, my son.

My cat

I have a cat that for whatever reason won't stay here at the new house. I moved here around spring break and my cat, Fuzzball, keeps going back to the other house. For a cat, it seems that it is quite a trek of about 10-11 blocks crossing a fairly major street. I've been going over there ever few days or so to find him and bring him back. It's getting to the point that I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to keep him here. Luckily, the other house is still empty and hasn't been sold, but what am I going to do when it does and I go over there to pick up my cat... "Pardon, me, I used to live here and I'll be coming over every few days to pick up my cat."
I guess if that's the most troublesome thing in my life right now, all is good. I do have the situation of dating, but alas, will have to post perhaps another time.

Monday, June 07, 2004

more quizzes

These are like duhs!

Take this and other free quizlets on Match.com!

Take this and other free quizlets on Match.com!

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Long Drive

Well, I finally made it home. Pretty much in one piece. Drove over 1000 miles in the past two days. Ugh. But I'm going to be doing it again in about a week and a half.
My coaster count is now up to 86. That means I'll probably get to number 100 during the coaster trip.
It's good to be home. I've missed my animals and they seemed pretty happy to see me. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.
I'm sure there's lots more I should write at the moment, but my brain doesn't want to.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Heading Home

Well, it's been a long trip and this will be nothing compared to the trip I'm taking in a week and a half. I really enjoyed going to Six Flags Great Adventure. I got several good rollercoaster rides in and it was great!! I didn't ride all of them, but that just means I'm going to have to come back to the park another time. On Wednesday, dad took us around Hammond, to a farm that had been in our family, and then to see my 2nd cousin Marcia. I know that Josh was bored out of his mind, but I enjoyed hearing stories of my dad when he was a kid and about how he and my mom had met. I really, really enjoyed the town of Plymouth Indiana. It was so clean and quaint. That's a place I could live. (If it weren't for the harsh winters up north)
Yesterday we went to the science musuem which was really interesting, but also quite expensive. First you had to pay $12 for parking. $15 a person for entrance and an omnimax show, then another $20 for lunch, then $18 for souvenirs. No wonder I'm coming home completely broke.
I have to rant a little bit about traffic. I HATE rush hour(s) in Chicago. Granted we should have timed our departure a little better, but that was a bit offset by the fact that the streets are confusing and we got lost leaving the museum and it took us 45 min just to get to the expressway. By that time rush hour had set in. And it SUCKED. Did I mention I didn't like it at all? Somehow we ended up driving through what I would term the Ghetto of Chicago and we didn't fit in at all. We arrived at my aunt Linda's house safely last night, however. Which brings me to my next gripe.
Dad and Carol Ann made plans to go to Wisconsin on Thurs. to see the house on the rock and our plans were to meet up in Cedar Rapids at aunt Linda's house and head home from there. Well, dad doesn't quite make it and calls to say he's staying in Dubuque for the night and he'll get there some time tomorrow and that since we had the car we could even drive ourselves home and he could stay an extra day or something. Aaarrrgggghhhh. If would have known that before being within an hour of my aunt's house, I would have headed straight back from Chicago. And I'm not looking forward to a sixteen hour drive today. (well, we might have to stop for the night) But if we wait on my dad, who knows when we'll get home. I'd rather drive and get home sometime Sunday afternoon rather than late, late on Sunday evening, IF we even got back then. I appreciate the fact that my dad is retired, but these wishy-washy decisions are very frustrating.
Well, I better get on the road if we're to get back home.