Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Still much to do

I'm learning to prioritize. I've always done this to some degree, but right now, it is an absolute necessity. I am dealing with not slacking off so much, but it still creeps up from time to time. I have accepted the fact that my house will not be clean for a very long time. I will manage and do just as much as necessary to survive - like do laundry and dishes as needed, but the days of an immaculate house are far gone.

I still have several grades to catch up on for class, but I'm just not going to get to it tonight. I have to read at least one of my books as well as the journal entries for my class so I can comment on them. That itself is 69 pages. Then I have to write a post in response to the entries as well as three follow-ups. Not to mention that I have a book review coming up that I need to do this weekend. I've gotten two books from our library to read but haven't started either of them yet. It's due on the 10th, but I have to turn it in by the 7th since I'll be gone to convention next week from the 8th through the 11th. I'll be in Corpus Christi... woo hoo!

As you can see, I'm trying to still fit blogging in when I can for the five or six of you that still read. Oh.. and Marty does check out the blog from time to time. It thrills me when I check my stats and see the visitor from Key West in the wee hours of the morning. He'll never comment or even read the comments unless I tell him specifically that someone said something about him. But I like that he reads once in a while. Things are still fine in our relationship as we've defined it. I think that he's still pondering a lot of things and is waiting to see how things go when I visit before moving forward in any way. So I guess my visit could be good or bad. I'm hoping for the best of course. My friend Carol - the wonderful optimistic - says that she has a good feeling about the upcoming visit. I hope she is right. After all, she was right when she said several years ago shortly after Marty and I broke up that she didn't think that he was out of my life for good and that perhaps there was still a better plan for us. I know her prayers have been there in that respect and if anyone that I personally know is going have their prayers heard... it's Carol.

Well, time to get busy reading. Have a good night all and I'll catch up again in a few days probably.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Need to get moving

I'm playing at church this morning so I need to go take a shower and get ready. I copied the music I needed that has page turns. The music director bought me a set of books with all the clarinet music for our hymnal, but I found out the last time I played that there were some awkward page turns. This time I got the numbers for the songs in advance so I won't have those issues.
I read the book The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier yesterday. It was part of my assigned reading for my Children's Lit class. I have to say I didn't like the book at all. It reminded me of Lord of the Flies with a host of cruel boys. Maybe for me it's a girl thing, but I didn't see the point of story like this other than to indicate that there are cruel people in the world.
I think I did well on the tests I took yesterday for my class. I don't know if I aced it, but I think I answered most of them correctly. Now I've got to start catching up on the other class. I've printed out some articles on the decline of libraries and have to offer my opinion on the matter. I still need to read a chapter in the book for that class and then take a quiz. I also need to start working on my next paper for it as well. So far the work hasn't been really hard, but it is time consuming. According to my academic adviser, students should plan to spend 12 hours a week per class studying. I'm getting close to that point. I pretty much come home every night and focus on grad school work. That means I'm not getting as much done for my classes at the high school. I had intentions of going up to the school today to work, but because of what I spent last month in gas, I don't want to go. I'll try to get caught up on grading today, but I also need to read more books for my Children's Lit class.
Well barely over a month and I'll be headed to Key West. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be going. I just have a lot of work to do between now and then so that I can focus my time on relaxing and having fun.
Well, gotta go get ready for church.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Glad the weekend is here

...not that I'll get much rest, but it will be great to sleep in tomorrow morning. On Thursday this week I woke up thinking it was Friday and was disappointed to finally realize that it wasn't. I finished the journals for my Children's Lit class. They turned out to cover 11 pages single spaced. I guess I am too wordy but I didn't feel like I fully answered the questions otherwise. Some of the other entries I read were far shorter. I had to spend some time putting in html coding in the entry so that it would post correctly. I'm glad I checked it today to make sure that it was formatted. Turns out that the "preview" isn't accurate when working on the post.
I had to stay after school today to work the sophomore class supper. I had to fill cups with tea for an hour. I really only worked for about 30 minutes and sat around the other 30 minutes. I came home and was going to run by Sonic for supper, but I realized that my journals weren't formatted correctly, so I spent time fixing that before heading to the game. I cannot tell you how amazing my son is. I know that I am totally biased, but he just has this presence as a drum major. He is kind of wild and crazy and goofy, but at the same time he knows his stuff and is an amazing conductor. I took my book to read during the game, but when the band played the stand tunes I had to stop and watch him. He has so much fun. I love watching the band's half time show. I cannot tell you how much it gets to me. Of course I love watching Josh conduct but the music is amazing as well. They are playing Dvorak's New World Symphony. When the horn player plays the solo at the end my eyes welled up with tears. Music is what gets to me every time. How I wish I could be a part of it every day. I know I ultimately chose the wrong career. I probably should have stayed a music business major (despite hating the business classes with a passion). I do have hopes, however, that one day I might be able to work as a music librarian which is one of the reasons why I'm trying to get my certification and degree. I would have to get a separate degree in Music Library Science, but its a possibility. If they offered that degree online, I'd be going that direction. Unfortunately, I would have to physically attend classes so that would require a move on my part. But you never know what will happen or where I'll end up.
I haven't been able to talk to Marty much in the last few days. I've missed our chats but he understands and we just deal with it. I am still excited about my upcoming trip. I just hope I can manage my grad school coursework in the meantime. I'm going to spend almost all day tomorrow working on stuff and try to get caught up in my other class that I've neglected. I have to take a test in my Children's lit class, but still have a chapter and a half to read. I'll do that first thing in the morning (or mid-morning depending on my wake up time).
I thought I would be awake this evening since I had a coke at the game, but I'm feeling pretty tired so I'm going to head to my comfy bed.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Feeling the pressure

So much to do... I thought I would get a lot done today. I had to go to school for the first two classes and then I got to leave to come to a planning meeting for UIL. I got back to town around 11:15 and had a quick lunch and then went to the local library to get a library card so that I could check out some of the books I need to read. From there I went to the meeting but was early so I sat and read for a while. We then had the meeting and even though it was over in an hour I stayed another hour talking to people. After that I had to run to Amarillo to drop off some yearbook photo orders and then came back home. I read one of my books for about another hour and then made supper. I headed up to the university library around 5:30 so I could get a parking spot. I was there until about 9:15. I got one journal written and read two more chapters in my text book. (3 to go before I have to take a test this weekend.) I tried working on another journal and got the basic points down but I couldn't remember some of the characters in the books I read so I had to wait until I could fill the names in. Then I had to decide between two more journals as to which one I would answer. I tried the one regarding picture books but I guess I have either no imagination or the inability to see extraordinary things in children's book illustrations. I think the pictures are great, but I'm supposed to go into detail how the colors, line, shapes, style, details etc. add to the characterization, setting, or theme of the books. I can't put "The bright colors indicate the happy mood." on every entry. So then I thought I would write the other journal regarding Disney's version of classics opposed to the originals but I couldn't find some of the text referring to it in the book nor could I access the journal I needed to read. So I wavered back and forth tonight and felt like I didn't accomplish much. So now I still have two full journals to get down and I still have to hunt down some more books as examples for another journal that isn't completely finished. Not to mention I have to read three more chapters before taking a quiz. (Thankfully the due date was moved from tomorrow until Sunday) AND I still have work for the other class that has been put on hold for the moment. Aaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!
Other than that... everything is fine. I didn't get to talk to Marty except for about 5 minutes and that's because he was up late after I got back from the library. Tomorrow is hero day at school and I'm going to be decked out in Marvin regalia. Gotta go to bed now.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Run its course?

I do love the the blogosphere world but I wonder if my blog has run its course. I know I still have a handful of readers, but I know that my blog has never really been all that substantial and now that I cannot blog daily, I feel that most of the already limited interest in it has waned. I do still love reading many other blogs even though I rarely comment. I love the glimpses in others lives. Not sure what I'm going to do at this point but I thought I'd throw this out there.
As far as the weekend recap, I spent Friday evening still fairly miserable with a cough but read a good portion of one of my fantasy books for class. I thought I was feeling better on Saturday until I got up and around. Cough was still there and lungs still not up to par. I have been spending a lot of time at Sonic reading which may seem weird, but I need a place away from home or I don't get much done. There's always too many distractions at home. So I order a drink and sometimes food and I sit there for about an hour and half and just read. I did that Saturday afternoon and finished the fantasy book. I then went to the library to compare two book review journals and spent a couple of hours there taking notes. Then I went to a Baptism and reception. I spent the rest of the evening writing the journal entry for the book review comparison. I slept well last night and enjoyed sleeping in this morning. I went to church at 11:15 and then I had plans to go to school and work, but I talked myself out of it. Instead I came home and did dishes and some laundry which has been in a desperate state. I've spent some time at Sonic again reading one of the chapters in the text book. I am almost finished with another chapter and then have more to read in a different book. I have three more journals to write. I plan to write at least one each evening this week along with reading the chapters in the book. I have to take the quizzes by Thursday.
My cough is better today. Tomorrow is "nerd" day at school so I worked on putting my costume together. I like to fully participate in the dress up days, but I'm having a problem coming up with something for "sports day" this week. I have no jerseys or anything. I think I might try to dress as a blind referee though. I don't have a black and white striped shirt, but I think that I could improvise with some electrical tape.
Well, it's already past my bedtime so I'm going to head to bed.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Have you missed me?

Sorry for the lack of posts. The last week has been extremely busy. I did, however, finish my first major paper for grad school. I think I did fairly well on it which scares me because I usually don't think I do well and then it turns out I did something amazing. So now that I think I did well, it could turn out that I actually sucked... but we'll see. My paper was 16 pages which was 12 1/4 typed, a title page, an appendix, and a works cited page. I think I fully covered what they wanted, but I guess it will be a wait and see issue. Now I have to focus on the other class and finish several journal entries that are due next Friday. I finished another book today and then went to the library to view two journals that I had to compare. I copied down a lot of information but then realized I had to get to a Baptism so I had to rush out.
The Baptism was very lovely and afterwards there was a nice reception at a bed an breakfast. Now I'm home and have to make something for dinner. Then its back to work. I need to get three more journals written and then I'll be close to being finished. Then I need to finish reading the rest of the text book so I can take a quiz before the 25th. It covers 11 chapters. Not to mention the other books I need to start reading for the second set of journals... not to mention school stuff, yearbook stuff, and everything else.
I am discovering how much I like being IN school again. I guess I'm kind of a weirdo in that respect, but I've always seem to enjoy the learning process. I just don't think I'm very good and teaching others what I've learned... which I know is strange to hear a teacher say. When I read some of the journal prompts for my class I started out panicking but as I get into them, it's really not so bad. The journal I worked on today was to find and examine two book review journals and compare them in several aspects. I thought it would be difficult, but I found that it really was no big deal. Even though it takes a lot of work to write a paper, I found that I enjoy the process of it - despite nitpicking it to death and not knowing when to just STOP writing. But I do like learning. I guess I do like homework. I don't care much for chapter reading, but the general reading for my children's lit class has actually been great. I've discovered some wonderful new books and am excited to read more... if I can just find the time.
Teaching school on the other hand is just going o.k. It's not great, it's not bad... it's just there right now. I have been totally focused on cleaning out the storage room all week and am almost there. I think I'm going to go up tomorrow and finish what I can even though I should be doing some grad school stuff. I just don't feel like I can get much done until I have things in their places where they should be. There was so much stuff (junk) in the storage room. And I know all the dust and dirt that covered every square inch did not help my cold or allergies or whatever, but I had to do something. I'm not in the sneezing miserable mode right now, but I do have a somewhat nasty cough and my lung capacity doesn't feel like I'm at 100%... maybe 80%. The administrators are going on and on about this new quantum learning thing which is really great... but I really don't have time to focus on it right now. I am barely keeping my head on.
I think that if there is a library opening anywhere in the Panhandle next year that I'm going to apply for it. I do like the district I'm in and they have been very supportive, but I feel like I can't get anything done because I have to teach four different classes. I know, I know... I should learn to say "no." But really this year I'm doing it for the money. I had to add Josh onto my dental insurance, but even with paying for that, I'm getting an extra $143 a month in my pay check. Even if it is an elementary library, I feel like it would be a better situation.
Well, I guess I've rambled on enough. As far as a Marty update... not much to tell... things are still going well. We're beyond friends at this point, but not quite full relationship mode either. It's hard to explain. Basically, Marty doesn't need or want any pressure of the relationship label so I'm not going to put any pressure on him in that regard. He'll know when he's ready to make the full commitment. (And I think he will at some point.) At this point we're both only interested in each other and no plans to look elsewhere so I think that is positive. And it's only 40 more days until I get to see him.... Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

work, work, work

Here's a brief summation of what's going on...
I'm sick.  I have a cold and I'm miserable but I can't take any sick days.  Yesterday was open house and it was a very. long. day.
Writing a paper - I'm working on my major paper for my Information Resources class.  It will probably be close to 15 pages when I'm finished.  I'm on page four.  But I have the outline and its a matter of typing it all out.  Tomorrow I'm going to the library.  There are way too many distractions at home.
Working at school - Caught up on grades for once but not being unpacked with an organized space is driving me CRAZY.  I'm going to have to do something about that soon.  
Marty - Still talking every night though lately its more brief because of my schedule.  Things are progressing nicely and we've agreed that we're beyond "just friends" but still not quite in "full relationship" mode but we are also not interested in pursuing other "interests."  I am happy with where things are right now and I absolutely cannot WAIT until the end of October.

Well, that's all you get tonight.  Sorry posting is sparse, but other things are taking priority right now.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Something to look forward to

Well, it's official, I'm going to Florida on Halloween. I leave on the evening of Oct. 30 and get in fairly late that evening. I'll spend all day Fri, Sat. and Sunday there and return Monday afternoon. Marty will have to pick me up in Miami. It was cheaper to fly in there than directly to Key West. I just hope that there are no hurricanes planning to come through then. I tried to find other days to go... especially around Christmas, but it was just too expensive.
Today I went to the library and got some work done. I outlined my paper and realized what information I still needed. I started the paper with several blanks that need to be filled in. I think it will be o.k. I do have enough information to write a thorough paper I think. Thankfully the due date has been extended. I finished one of the chapter books that I needed to read for my children's lit class and I didn't care much for it. It was o.k. but it seemed to be a knock off of Harry Potter and it wasn't as well written as Rowling's books. I hate to be comparative, but I just didn't care for it. I have a lot more to read so I'm going to try to do some reading every evening. I don't know if I'll get to my journals this weekend. I need to concentrate on the paper for the other class. Tomorrow after church I'm going to go back to the library where I can hopefully continue to get more work done. We're supposed to have a pot luck tomorrow evening at the church. I'm not sure what I'll bring.
Well, I'm going to head to bed. It's getting late.

Friday, September 12, 2008

still just tired

It's been a long week. I wish my life were more organized, but that is just wishful thinking. Right I'm functioning by dealing with what needs to be done right now and just doing one thing at a time. I make a lot of lists, but I'm not sure if any of them get done. I'm trying to do graduate school reading, but being very tired at night makes it difficult. I've read all the "small" books that I have right now and now I'm into the second "chapter" book. I have a paper to write for one of my classes and I have all the materials but have yet to start putting it together. It was due on Tuesday next week, but the deadline has been extended due to hurricane Ike. Even though I'll get a few more days, I'm going to try to get it finished this weekend. I'm going to go up to the WT library tomorrow and work on the papers and such. There's something about getting away from home in the peace of library that tends to inspire me more than sitting here in my office.
I'm potentially making plans to see Marty the weekend of Halloween. It's the only affordable price I could get at a time when I can take off from school. I'm still waiting to hear from him if he has checked the calendar to see if he can take the time off.
I went to bed before 9:00 last night. I think I'm getting a cold of some sort and it is wiping me out. Tonight I won't be going to bed until at least 10 so I can watch Monk and Psych. I may watch a couple of episodes of Heroes first or take a nap. I'm undecided at the moment.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Just another Monday but not Manic... yet

The day was o.k. but not much to write about. I did get a few things marked off my list today. I am ready for picture day which is this Thursday. I am taking the day off on Wednesday to go to a yearbook workshop. It won't be all day, but I'm taking the whole day since my sub will have to be there all day regardless. I hope that I can get some things done that afternoon. I still have journals to write and hope to find some time to focus on that. I could be doing it right now, but I'm tired and I kind of want to just take it easy for a little bit.
I rushed home after school since I had to go to a senior parent meeting at 5:45. I didn't have time to cook anything so I made some popcorn for dinner. I went to the meeting and didn't learn much of anything new except they want $75 for all the non-school sponsored senior stuff like the dinner dance and senior party. It seems to be a never-ending money pit this year. It was also open house so I had quick visits with Josh's teachers and they all said good things about him. They all indicated that he was very smart and all seemed to like him.
Now I'm home and Marty isn't online. I'm sure he's enjoying his time in Orlando with some of his work buddies, but I miss talking to him. On top of that he got to go to Universal Studios today and that just sucks. I'm happy that he's having fun, but I should be there with him! I'm still trying to work out a trip to see him, but the airline prices are ridiculous right now. The only reasonable flights are of course not during the holidays but that means I have to take personal days and then I'm limited to the amount of time I can be there and so I'm trying weigh the justifications of the cost versus the amount time and none of seems to equate for me. I do want to see him, but I'm not going to spend an arm and leg to do it. Of course he's worth it, but I also know that he understands. It's not life or death and if I don't get to see him until January I'll survive. I just wish the gas prices and everything weren't so atrocious right now.
Well, now I'm debating about watching Heroes and NOT doing stuff I should be doing or forcing myself to read a fairly boring chapter in one of my grad school books. Hmmm... I wonder which one is going to win out. I do know that it will probably be an early night for me.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I will survive. hey, hey.

In grad school news, I am making some progress finally. I made myself sit down and get some work done today... even though it took me a while to get there. I've written four journal entries and am going to start the next one tonight or tomorrow morning after Church. I hope to get most of the ones for my Children's lit class done this weekend and then focus this next week on the paper for my Information Resources class.
I had a nice talk with Marty this evening. He is evacuating tomorrow because of hurricane Ike. He'll be heading to Orlando for a few days. I don't know if I'll get to talk to him much since his laptop doesn't work very well. But we'll manage somehow. He said he read my blog and I asked him if I was wrong in anything I wrote about him and he said no. He said that I haven't scared him yet and that was kind of scary to him. I think those are all good signs.
Now I'm watching Heroes with Josh. I started watching last year when he had me record the show for him but I didn't watch season one. I need to watch it so I can understand when season 3 starts.
Tomorrow I'm playing at the early Mass. Hopefully that means I'll get more done tomorrow. I still have a lot of school things to get done as well.
Well, I'm going to concentrate on the show and then call it a night soon.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another full day

I made it to school on time for once. I was tired this morning though. I had a weird kind of scary dream that woke me up and I couldn't go to sleep easily after that. I dreamed I was driving at night and all of sudden my car lost power and control. So I woke up around 4 or 5 and also realized I was chilly. The temperatures are starting to drop here at night so I know fall is coming. I still feel frenzied at school. I still feel like I have a million things to do and can't get caught up on anything. I've put grad school stuff on hold for the moment and hope I can make up the time on the weekends. I know I've bitten off more than I can chew and I'm just trying to figure out what is going to give.
During my first conference period I went to two other elementary libraries and picked up some books that I need to read for my grad school class. Then I had lunch and my afternoon classes. During my second conference I took care of some email business and some research for my other grad school class. After school I visited with my principal and he isn't rejecting my trip.. yet. He said that he needs to wait for federal funds before he can give me an answer but he's going to try to do it. I also got him to take care of the parking ticket I got. I asked him some library questions that I can use in the paper I have to write next week. I left school early (for me) around 4:30 and came home and picked up Sonic for dinner. I read a couple of the books while waiting. (Most are young children's books) The football game this week was tonight instead of Friday and it's between my alma mater and the school I teach at. I sat on the home town side but enjoyed getting to see the Hereford band play as well. After half-time I went over to the other side and visited with the band director over there and saw some of my students. I took a book to read which is one of the longer books and I'm really enjoying it so far. I do like to read but I feel usually that I don't have enough time.
I'm trying to decide whether or not to make plans to go visit Marty during Christmas break. He's opened the invitation and I'm checking prices on flights. I could stay for about a week which I think would be good to spend that kind of time with him. As far as our relationship goes, I think it is progressing despite the fact that we're still not "officially" dating and we still just talk via the internet or the phone. But we talk every night and he says enough things that indicate to me that he's still very much into me... if that makes sense. He still has a little jealousy when I mention someone I went out with once and he still flirts with me. It's a lot of little things that is hard to point out. But take this evening for example. I had to rush to leave and sent him a quick message online telling him that I was heading out. He didn't respond because he was cooking but I told him good night since I knew he'd be in bed by the time I got home. He made a point to call me when he saw that he missed the message so that he could tell me good night. And the other night when I didn't get home until late and only had a little time to chat with him, he did say that he missed me. So Marty is my one constant right now that keeps a smile on my face.
Well, it's still past my bedtime so I need to head to bed. I have duty tomorrow morning so I need to make sure I get up in time for that.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Staying afloat

I am finally in my room at school. I haven't completely unpacked but I'm functioning. My grad school stuff is on hold at the moment. I have to concentrate on school stuff right now.
I started this post at 6:59 and now it's 10:15 - past my bed time so here's a brief recap thus far:
Sunday - got into my room and got set up. some students came up and helped me move stuff.
Monday - off from school - spent the day working on stuff for school
Tuesday - Finally in my room at school - irritated with counselors who keep putting more students in my 6th period than I have computers for. Got a school parking ticket even though I have my permit on my car.
Wednesday - Was late for faculty meeting because I forgot about it. Won a door prize and the assistant principal "announced" that I had a "sweetie". Have a feeling that my principal is going to deny my trip to convention this year and if so, that will make me mad.
Tonight - spent the time grading stuff. haven't done anything in regards to grad school lately as I have to deal with teaching stuff.
That's it in a nutshell for now.