Thursday, June 02, 2016

A Time for Change

So I bought a new car on Monday.  I've been planning on buying a Rav4 Hybrid for a while now.  I thought I was going to wait until mid-summer but I found what I wanted with 0% financing on Memorial Day.  I wanted to trade in my Prius while it still had some value though I did have to negotiate with the dealer some.  I first took my Prius to Car Max to get a quote from them and they offered me $5000 which I thought was pretty reasonable given the fact that it has scratches on the door and a back panel.  When I was negotiating at the Toyota dealership, they only offered me $3500 for it.  I told them they could meet it or I'd take the Prius to Car Max and get a check for the down payment.  They eventually gave in and I got full amount.  I really love this car.  It's the fanciest one I've ever owned.  I can even do hands free calling.  It has satellite radio, a back up camera, and other cool features.  I also love the color. 

In other news I may be moving up to high school.  I interviewed for a job at a local high school last week.  The librarian there seems to really want me to take her place.  I am waiting to hear from HR to see if I got the job.  I think it's promising, but I'm concerned about HR being behind.  If they don't come through quickly, I won't get to take my new Chromebooks with me.  That will have to happen before my principal leaves on the 15th so she can sign the transfer form.  Then again, I may be stuck where I am another year.  While I do love my Scrabble kids, I've had enough of the other ones that refuse to listen to anything anyone has to say.  They never go to class and all they want to do is goof off in the hallways.  I figure that if you're going to skip class, you should at least leave the campus.  What's the point otherwise?  

I have another week of work and then I'll be starting my summer vacation.  I'm heading immediately to Dallas next Friday as I will be participating in a librarian leadership institute starting the 12th.  Matt and I are going up early so we can go to Six Flags.  I'll get back on the 16th and then I'll probably sleep for about a week.  Josh and I are planning a road trip for sometime in July.  We've decided to drive to Atlanta.  We can go to yet another Six Flags park there and there will be several other things we can do as well.  

I can't play at Scrabble Nationals this year because of the date.  Matt is going to go and car pool with some other friends from Texas.  I guess I'll just play every other year if I can.  Well, I guess that's all the excitement here for now.  I'll try to update more this summer.

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Dragon Master Andrew said...

Annabel, I would be delighted to see you and meet Josh at the same time. I am very accommodating so just pick a day and I will be there. We could eat at Roger's bar-b-que which is very close to the interstate.