Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Slow Going

Well, I haven’t been completely lazy this week, but I’ve still come close.  Today is the first day I actually got on the treadmill.  I watched the first episode of Big Bang.  Maybe if I finish the series, I’ll lose some weight.  I’ve been making study cards for Scrabble.  I know all my two letter words and I’m working on the threes.  Of the 1015 three letter words, I’m down to about 150 that I don’t readily know.  I’m also working on four pages of unusual four letter words.  I made some bingo stem lists and a variety of other random word lists such as names that are acceptable words, vowel dumps, and unfamiliar q,x,j,z words.  It’s a lot to try to conquer in less than a month, but surely a few words will stick with me. 

As far as house cleaning goes – well, I cleaned and organized two kitchen cabinets – does that count?  I started some work that I’ve needed to do as secretary of the community band I’m in, but didn’t work on it today.  I’ve been making some rosaries but they are for my brother’s kids.  I spent much of today reading though.  I’ve almost finished one of my books. 

I agreed to be a test proctor for a week and a half in July.  It will be boring and tedious, but I’ll get paid $25 an hour for six hours a day.  That translates into about $1200.  That could pay for a cruise I’m interested in going on next year. Or I could pay off my visa bill.  I won’t get the money in time for Vegas, but it would still be nice to have. 

Tomorrow I have to go to a training session for the test proctoring.  The Spurs are playing the final game tomorrow and I don’t think I can watch it.  The last game was too stressful for me.  They had it in their hands and lost it.  It was very frustrating.  I guess this is why I’ve never been a sports fan.  I’m taking the loss personally and it ticks me off. 

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