Sunday, February 08, 2015

Too Much Information

No... not that kind of TMI, just a lot of technology talk last week.  I spent five days in Austin at a technology conference.  By the end of each day, my brain was full.  There's only so much information that I can take in in one day.  Matt came up with me on Sunday evening.  I registered for the conference and then checked into the hotel.  When I went to my room, the door was open and the bed was stripped.  I had to go back downstairs and inform the desk clerk.  Thankfully she moved me to another room, but unfortunately it was right next to the highway.  Since I usually sleep with earplugs in, it didn't bother me too much.

Matt and I invaded a friend's house on Sunday evening for a Super Bowl party.  On Monday evening we went to the Austin Scrabble club because it was one of our Scrabble friend's last time to play.  He is moving to Iowa tomorrow to be closer to his girlfriend who lives just two hours away now.  I wasn't going to play, but they talked me into staying for a game.  I'm glad I did because I had a really good game scoring 486 points with three bingos.

The conference was good overall, but I had an issue with the registration.  I didn't get it resolved until Wednesday so I missed out on some sessions that I should have been able to go to.  I went to other ones instead, but it was frustrating not to get an immediate response about it.  I tried going to the registration desk twice and both times the answer was "we're sorry - that's happening to several others too."

It would have been more fun had there been other people I knew there, but I only saw a couple of other people from our district.  I had lunch and dinner on my own every day.  On Thursday I started feeling a pain in my shoulder.  I wasn't sure what I did to it.  I'm guessing I must have slept weird or something.  The hotel bed was not very comfortable.  On Friday morning, I took two aleve and it didn't really help.  I was contemplating going to the medical clinic, but I decided to stick it out until Saturday.  It turns out that Tequila is very good at relaxing muscles.  Matt and I went out to dinner on Friday night and after two margaritas, the pain had subsided.  Now that I've been home a few days it seems to slowly be getting better.  I'm guessing sleeping in my own bed helps.


Billy said...

Oh... I hate that! I always get a sore back and shoulders from sleeping in hotel beds. It's really the pillows that do me in. I should just bring my own, but I always forget. Sorry it wasn't the best. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

A whole week for a conference is a loooong time. No wonder you're shoulder starting hurting. Too much stress and discomfort from being out of your own zone. Hopefully, your next week back at work will be bring you back into your routine.