Saturday, August 22, 2009

Car Shopping Done

Ugh, I hate car shopping. We headed out to the used car corner in Amarillo where there's a number of used car dealerships all in the same area. The only thing we found close to our price range was an 02 Mitsubishi Lancer that smelled of cigarette smoke. It had an engine light issue and a broken knob on the air conditioner. But it drove fine and so it was a consideration. I called my brother and he was at the Toyota dealership getting a new truck so he checked to see if they had anything in stock there. They had a 98 Toyota Avalon for $6000. It was $1000 over my budget, but we headed over there to test drive it. It was a really nice car with leather seats and it ran well. When we got back I told the salesman that I could pay $6000 all inclusive meaning tax, title, and license were included. So we went inside to see if they would do that. He came back at $6472. I told him no. I said I'm already going $1000 over my budget and that was too high. He asked if I could go over at all like $100 and I said no. So he said he'd check again. Josh then said that if was $100 or so over that he'd pay for it. But the guy came back and said they would do the $6000 even. So I wrote a check for it and now Josh has a new car. Of course that was the money for my flooring in my house so I hope I get some of it back when the insurance company settles with me.

I started dishes today so far, but haven't done much else. I'm going to do laundry tonight and a little cleaning. Tomorrow I'm playing at mass and then I might go up to the school for a little bit.

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abbagirl74 said...

Wow! Way to stand firm on that deal! Are you ready for school?