Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Need to focus

I’m actually trying to stay on top of things and get my homework assignments done early, but I still have a hard time getting focused.  I actually started work on this current assignment yesterday and I’m about halfway done but this is amidst several distractions and breaks.  I don’t know why I can’t get myself focused.  And thus the blog post because I’d rather do this instead of work on the assignment. 

So what’s new you ask?  I came home from Kansas City feeling sick.  The day we left I had a sore throat and just felt generally blah.  I let my colleague drive the first part to Oklahoma City and I drove from there to my house.  I pretty much stayed in bed for two days once I got home.  I didn’t go to church – I feel bad, but I’ve already missed three weeks now so I have to go to confession at some point anyway.  I stayed in bed and read books.  I read both book 6 & 7 of the Harry Potter series over the course of Saturday evening through Monday morning.  My dad came by on Monday to pick up the old air conditioners that used to be in all the windows of the house.  I hadn’t seen him since last September.  He was here briefly and then I piddled around the rest of the day.  I did go to the store that evening but mostly read and did stuff on the computer.  I updated my coaster count and have discovered that I’ve now ridden 156 coasters.  We were able to go to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City and it had some great rides. 

On Tuesday I went up to school to get some work done.  I was there from about 10 until 2 before heading home.  I made hamburgers last night and got started on my assignment.  Then I got confused and decided to give it a rest.  I started up again this morning around 11 and have been going at it off and on since then.  I am finally getting it after asking different questions but I’m still not focused.  I don’t have to turn it in until tomorrow at 10 but I’d like to get a little more done tonight.  Tomorrow’s deadline isn’t a final one, but a preliminary deadline where our draft is read by another person and critiqued before turning in the final part next week.  But if we don’t turn it in on time we lose points on our final grade so I want to make sure it gets done.  But I don’t think I’ll be doing a lot more tonight. 

I’m too distracted at the moment.  I’ll spend tomorrow finishing the work, I hope. 


Leann said...

156 coasters?? Wow. I can count on one hand how many I've ridden. Good for you!!

I hope the focus came and stayed so you were able to get the assignment done.

Anonymous said...

I do not need a hand to count them roller coasters, its exactly zero and will stay so.
Sometimes its hard to start a task and stay with it. When you are rolling, don't stop, allow no distraction. Hope you could hold the deadline.