Wednesday, May 07, 2014

My apologies for my absence

I haven’t intended to stay away from here – life has gotten busy as always.  So the last time I posted, I had my picture taken with Henry Winkler.  Life hasn’t been quite that exciting since then, but I’ve been doing stuff.  I had lots of testing going on at school.  I finally ordered my wedding dress which is supposed to be shipped around May 20.  My bridesmaids chose their dress and two have ordered them.  I just ordered my wedding invitations on Monday and they arrived on my doorstep today.  Guess that means I better get busy addressing them.  But now I’m waiting on my special purple calligraphy pen that I ordered.  Some of my librarian friends had a shower for me and another librarian who is having a baby this past weekend.  I’ve been watching Spurs games (sort of) and hoping that they keep up what they’ve done in the past two games.

I’ve been selling rosaries again.  I sold seven last week and have another one or two that might be bought this week.  So the little free time I find, I’ve been working on those. 

Josh called me about two weeks ago with some interesting news.  The first was that he and his girlfriend had broken up.  That wasn’t really surprising since it was a long distance thing.  He seemed ok about it.  The other news was that he had written a new piece of music that he said that he was dedicating to me.  It was a solo cello piece titled Five Characters from To Kill a Mockingbird.  The five movements focused on five characters from the book.  I thought that was really cool since it is one of my favorite books.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to hear it performed though.  It was going to be on Sunday evening and I had a band concert on Sunday afternoon.  Matt and I made it work and we made it during the intermission just before his piece was performed.  We had to drive back that night and didn’t get in until around 1:30 in the morning.  We had to come back since I had to deal with testing the next day. 

So life is still busy – lots of wedding stuff getting done and work is simply total chaos at the moment. 

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