Friday, June 27, 2014

7 Quick Takes

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I’ve been a big fan of Hotwire for a while.  I’ve usually gotten some pretty good deals and sometimes I can even figure out which hotel I’ll get before I make my purchase.  I’ve noticed, however, that the extra fees I’ve been paying are much higher than they are on Priceline.  When the cost of the one decent hotel in Canyon kept going up on the hotwire site, I tried Priceline and was able to get it for a better rate.  So yesterday I was looking for a honeymoon hotel for when Matt and I head up to Buffalo.  On a whim I tried putting in $75 a night for a 2 1/2 star hotel or above.  Surprisingly, my bid was accepted for a 3 star hotel.  I guess Matt and I should get our airfare arranged soon.
logo_1 I couldn’t see what the big deal about Pinterest was at first.  I signed up for it a while back, but I found it most helpful for my wedding planning.  (Although it almost caused me to spill the beans about being engaged early.)  I’ve posted a bunch of library and scrabble themed ideas that I’m trying to incorporate into my wedding decor.  Lately I’m working on this:
Unfortunately, cutting the book is not as easy as it looks and mine will not be even remotely straight as it appears in this photo, but I think it’s a cool idea for my ring bearer.
I’m still trying to come up with Scrabble board scrapbook ideas, but haven’t found my inspiration on that yet. 
I also have some old books I’ve been incorporating into decorations and plan on creating a table runner.
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Matt and I found wedding rings last weekend.  We headed up to the outlet stores in San Marcos which is only an hour away.  We checked out Kay Jewelers, Zales, Helzberg, and Jared Vault.  Zales was too pricey and Helzberg had a limited selection.  We found my ring at Kay.  It was a little more difficult since my engagement ring is so unique, but we found a diamond band with an antiqued look with the beading similar to my ring.  We found Matt’s ring at the Jared Vault.  It was similar to one we liked at Zales, but was $400 less.  It is a little more fancy that Matt probably wanted, but I thought it matched my ring fairly well.
photo 1 photo 2 
Josh has moved into a new place in Houston.  He and his roommate decided to get two more roommates and have rented a 4 bedroom house.  They still need a washer and dryer and we happen to have an extra one.  The problem is finding a way to get it to him.  I may have rent a pick up truck for a day and drive it over to him.   
Matt and I still don’t know if his mother is coming to the wedding.  He refuses to call her, but has an intermediary at least.  His friend Kristi has been friends with his mother for several years and has a good relationship with her.  She is going to see if she can find out anything.  We won’t be surprised if she chooses not to come, but I know it will hurt Matt’s feelings – even though he won’t really admit to that.   
Matt and I got this storage bench as a wedding present yesterday.
I spent yesterday evening sorting through the numerous t-shirts that Matt has been keeping in baskets and bins in his closet and sorted them into drawers and this nice storage bench.  Matt was kind of indifferent about it, but he has a nice closet where he can keep his laundry bin in it and actually close the door now. 
I ordered my bridesmaids gifts the other day and three of them arrived this morning.  The fourth is probably in my mailbox at the moment.  I thought these were perfect for my friends:
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