Friday, August 01, 2014

7 Quick Takes – August 1

--- 1 ---

I started the name change process on Monday.  I figured that Matt shouldn’t miss out on the fun and since it was his day off, I had him go with me to the social security office and Dept. of Public safety.  It is such a pain to wait at the SS office.  First you electronically sign in and then wait an hour.  After that you’re called back for “Pre-screening” – I guess they make sure you’re there for a valid reason.  then you wait some more.  Finally after almost 2 hours I get called to a representative and it takes all of two minutes to enter the information.  The DPS office wasn’t as bad – it only took about 20 minutes.   

--- 2 ---

Matt and I went to the eye doctor on Monday.  It wasn’t really planned, but Matt’s glasses broke and couldn’t be repaired.  Since it had been two years since I had my exam, I figured I’d get mine taken care of as well.  We headed to the mall since I needed to drop my rings off to soldered.  We had to go to two different doctors since the first one didn’t take Matt’s insurance.  We both ended up getting contacts and glasses – though they both won’t be ready until after our upcoming trip probably.  My new classes are purple!  I’ll post a pic when I get them.  

--- 3 ---

We started using some of wedding gift cards this week.  At Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I bought photo frames for our wedding pictures.  At Target we got new towels for the bathroom.  Matt wants to get an edger at Home Depot and we need hardware for our kitchen cabinets and drawers.  We have some Visa gift cards that we’ll use on our honeymoon probably.  If not, we’ll use them on something once we get back.  We still have quite a bit to spend at Amazon as well.   

--- 4 ---

As you can tell from the previous post, I’ve been playing with Shutterfly.  It’s certainly interesting, but a little limiting in terms of design.  I had a coupon for a free book in addition to 50 free prints.  I was able to add free shipping as well so I bought two books, 80 something 4X6 prints and a dozen 5X7’s for around $40.  I think I’ll be getting another coupon for a free book from Wedding Wire so I’m sure I can create another book.  It’s kind of addicting.   

--- 5 ---

I called Southwest Airlines earlier this week to find out what I needed to do about my upcoming trip and my name change.  They added my new name and said that I’d have to bring both the old ID and the new temporary ID and my marriage certificate.  I also got a new car reservation through Priceline getting a deal for $32 a day when rates on regular sites started around $53.   

--- 6 ---

I’ve been on a YA reading kick lately.  I’ve been browsing Pinterest ideas for my library lately and I’ve decided that I want to have a March Madness reading contest with 16 books that they students can read this year.  I’m working on my list of books so I’m trying to read several to see if they will work for my list.  And then some I’m just reading because I want to.  As a middle school librarian it helps for me to actually know about the books I’m recommending to my students. 

--- 7 ---

I was pleasantly surprised to get a comment on the previous post from a reader just down the road from me.  Although I don’t check my stats much any more, I’ve been wondering who still actually reads my blog.  I’m trying to do a better job of posting – at least I’m trying to commit to the weekly 7 quick takes.  Next week I won’t have a computer with me, but I thought of an idea that I could do to write an early post and then have it post next Friday.  The idea involves my handful of blog readers that have stuck around.  So here’s your task if you choose to accept it:

Ask me any question you would like to know and I’ll answer it for next week’s 7 quick takes.  I promise to try to answer anything as best I can – as long as it is not blatantly offensive or an obvious joke.  So if you’ve been a closet reader or just haven’t commented in a while, I’m hoping you’ll participate.  You can ask more than one question, but if I end up with more than 7, I’ll pick the best questions.  

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Anonymous said...

I think I've mentioned before that I have an old school friend who lives in San Antonio who is also named Annabelle Lee, just a different spelling. She is a retired kindergarten teacher. She was born in California and lived here for 14 years before her mother moved her to Texas. My question to you: where were you born and how did you end up in Texas?

Anonymous said...

I do read your blog and enjoy it, Jennifer. I thought you would be interested in this link...more words for Scrabble!

My question: when/how did you become so interested in Scrabble?


Anonymous said...

I'll come back later and ask.

Anonymous said...

This may be a bit strange to ask, but "andere Länder - andere Sitten" as they say.

I have a question regarding social behaviour, customs.
If I have guests it would be very rude to "end" the evening at some point, like announcing that I'd want to go to bed now or such - it would be equal to throwing the guest(s) out. The guest is expected to say when he wants to leave.
Is this the same in the US ? Or is the host expected to say "thank you for your visit" first ? Who is expected to take initiative ?

Jan said...

As you might remember, I remarried early in December to a man who lived an hour away from me. We began house hunting, found my dream home 2 miles from the house I owned and then had to wait until the owner's new house was finished.

We spent months 'hanging out' in one place or another, going back and forth before moving in together on May 17.

That's when I realized he's really a refrigerator slob and doesn't put things in their place (thus 2 tubs of soft butter being opened at the same time), a mirror splasher and he dog ears pages in a book! I was shocked!

What shocked you about Matt when you two moved in together?

Best wishes,