Monday, August 04, 2014

Questions anyone?

I appreciate DKZody asking her question in the previous post’s comments.  Remember that for me to post my 7 quick takes this week, I need six more questions from the handful of people still reading.  Is anyone still there?  Leann?  Andrew? Jan? Mago?  LM?  Jamie?  Summer?  My new commenter Jeanetta?  Surely there is something that inquiring minds want to know. 

In other news, Matt and I went to a Scrabble party at a friend’s house north of Austin yesterday.  It was nice to socialize, but playing five games of Scrabble against people that are all better than me kind of sucked.  I would have won a game had I known that “zitherns” was a word.  I knew “zither” but didn’t realize it could have an “n” on it as well.  I hate the moments after a game when you figure out what you could have played. 

Today will be a busy day of getting stuff ready for our trip.  I need a new suitcase as mine is falling apart.  I don’t think duct tape will hold it together enough to survive the brutal handling of airline crews. 

I guess I should finish up my coffee and start getting stuff done this morning.  I need to pay some bills and see how much money I’ll have left for the month. 

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