Thursday, December 11, 2014

Call me Sucker

So when I got home from work yesterday, there was a dog in the middle of the street.  I opened the garage and pulled in and the dog came up the driveway.  She came right to me and was very friendly.  She didn’t have a collar so of course I can’t just say “hi” and let her be on her way.  She came into the garage so I let her in the laundry room and gave her some food.  She scarfed it down.  She isn’t really thin, but she was obviously hungry.  I let Mollie and Angie meet her and they seemed ok with her.  So she stayed the night and I put up flyers on the postal boxes this morning to see if she belonged to anyone.  So far nobody has called.  Of course this means that we may be keeping her… unless I can find another home for her.  She is slightly bigger than Angie and they seem to enjoy playing together. Mollie just gets jealous and barks. 

So here’s a picture and video for you.  Any name ideas in case she stays?



Anonymous said...

She's too cute!

Anonymous said...

Also post on Craigslist under "lost and found" but do NOT post a picture. Only a description and major cross streets where she was found. Person claiming her must send you a picture as proof she is their dog. You could also report it to your local animal shelters as the dogs owner may be looking for her there.