Saturday, December 27, 2014

Post Christmas Post

Let’s see – for Christmas, I got a cold.  I am sure I have my cousin’s kids to thank for that one.  I started feeling icky on Christmas eve and have stayed in bed mostly the past three days.  Matt and I did go to church on Christmas day and then I took a nap.  We went to see Into the Woods late in the afternoon.  I enjoyed it, but I was back in bed shortly thereafter.  Oh, I did make some tortilla soup.  It was my first attempt and I think it turned out fairly well.  It was really easy to make in the crockpot. 

Actually I did get more than a cold.  I already got the tv for the bedroom and Matt also ordered me a chromebook, but it won’t be available for pickup until this evening.  I got a Kohl’s gift card and Josh got me a cool Scrabble message center, Sailor Jerry Rum, and a dinner and a movie gift card.  My aunt and uncle gave Matt and I cash as well. 

Someone asked about the stray dog I took in – I did find her a home.  After I put up the flyers, a guy had called and said that she had been hanging out at his place earlier in the week and that if she didn’t belong to anyone, that he would take her. He picked her up a couple of days later.  He has kids so I think she’ll be in a good place and get a lot of attention. 

I got Matt tickets to the Spurs game tomorrow night so I guess I need to get well by then.  I’m fine as long as I’m asleep.  I guess it’s a good excuse to take a lot of naps. 

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