Thursday, December 04, 2014

Still here

Our Thanksgiving was uneventful.  We went to Fogo de Chao for dinner.  Food was good and filling, but it was kind of disappointing to not have anything for leftovers.  Matt bought one of my Christmas presents early.  He got me a new 40 inch tv for the bedroom.  We then had an adventure trying to find a new tv stand for it.  We got the tv discounted at Best Buy because it was an open box.  We discovered that the stand was broken.  Instead of taking it back, we decided to get a new tv stand so we could mount it.  I found one I liked at Walmart but couldn’t find any in stock.  We tried three other Walmarts that night but couldn’t find any.  I looked online and it showed that my local Walmart should have had some.  We went back the next day and found a manager but he said that in spite of what it indicated online, he didn’t have any.  We took a chance on driving up to Austin to find one and as luck would have it, we found it.  It was even cheaper than the online price.  So now I have a nice new Samsung Smart TV nicely mounted in my bedroom.  I hardly left the room all weekend. 

I still have to get Matt’s big present.  I’ll probably go to Best Buy and get it tomorrow so he can have it early as well.  I still have some other things that he can open during Christmas.  I have a couple of things to order from Amazon for Josh, but most of my shopping is done. 

We haven’t put up the tree yet.  It’s going to be a busy weekend with Matt playing in a Scrabble tournament and me playing in a band concert.  I’m kind of worried about putting the tree up with Angie around.  I might have to wait until just before Christmas when I’m officially on vacation so I can make sure she doesn’t eat it or the ornaments. 

Work has been busy.  I spent most of today really cleaning my library as I will have visiting librarians at it tomorrow.  I’m helping them work on their wiki pages.  I’m glad it’s Friday though.  My library has been freezing all week.  Today I wore long johns and some layers which made it somewhat bearable.  I’m not sure why the district can’t seem to heat our building.  The temperature inside today was 62.5 and it was warmer outside. 


Jan said...

62.5? You'd never survive in PA, that's what I like to set my thermostat at all year. If there was one point of contention as newly weds, it was husband is a heating wimp. He likes it hot.

I tell him, if you're cold, go to the corner, it's always 90 degrees!

dkzody said...

I remember days when the heating was not working at school. Seemed like more than fewer. I taught many days wearing a coat.

Speaking of which, our home heating unit is not functioning as it should be. The burner comes on, but the fan doesn't always kick on. Right now, the temperature is only up to 66 degrees. The repair man can't come until next week.