Monday, April 27, 2015

A Colorado Bulldog Kind of Day

The whole last minute attitude of the school and district I work for is about to drive me crazy.  I find out on Friday, that the library and lab is going to be used in the afternoons for the next two weeks - never mind that I have an 8th grade technology assessment that I'm required to give (per the district).  Never mind that the ELA classes have a short window to complete their iStation and SRI testing.  Never mind that I have a Scrabble class that meets 7th period every day.  So I spent the day re-configuring the schedule, creating a worksheet for the classes to do after the test, and scrambled to shift my Scrabble class to another room.

I haven't worked on my portfolio since the big meeting about what a big deal it was (and then was told not to think about it until testing was over).  Now I have start working fixed assets.  And getting ready for UIL.  And work on the portfolio.  And process the new books.  And clean up the huge mess that is my library.  Must I go on?

So when I came home from school today, I made myself a Colorado Bulldog.  It is mighty tasty and makes me feel relaxed.  Now I'm watching The Big Bang Theory that was recorded on my DVR.  Once that's done, I'll go pay my bills online.  Then I'll read a book until I can't stay awake.  I've come to learn that I should try to leave work at work.  It's not that I always do, but once I'm home, that should really be my time.  And so it is.

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Billy said...

Sorry you had a trying day. That's never fun. Hope you will be able to enjoy the weekend!