Sunday, April 19, 2015

Testing Time

This week will be our exciting state mandated tests.  I had to teach for three days straight last week covering dictionary skills and prefixes/suffixes.  It was exhausting.  I'm not used to doing that much talking and standing.  I spent all day Friday working on computers trying to get them ready for testing.  One of the alternate state tests requires using a computer and it's been a painstaking process to make sure that the test site will load and run correctly.  The site doesn't play nicely with Chrome so it has to be opened using Internet Explorer.  Then you have to make sure that Java runs.  If adobe flash isn't updated, then I have to update it.  The same goes for Java.  It's a tedious process and I had to check almost 80 computers.  I even went up to school on Saturday to work.  I did some computer checks and then worked on my portfolio that I haven't touched in three weeks.  I went in at 11:00 yesterday morning and stayed until 5:30.  Today I went up to work with Matt (though it's is day off).  I had to help him do some work up there.  I'm creating a spreadsheet for him to use to input his departments statistics.    He also has to work a bunch of technology tasks as part of his job training and I helped him with that.  Today he had to make a flyer for his department.

Josh's graduate recital is next weekend.  He wants me to make these homemade lemon cookies for him.  I'm not sure if I'm going to have time, but I'll try.  Matt and I are going to the Doobie Brothers concert on Friday evening.  Before that we're heading up to Austin for an errand he has to run.  We have Friday off from school because of the Fiesta celebration going on this week.  We're going to NIOSA (Night in Old San Antonio) on Wednesday which is basically a giant food fest.

Well, Matt is about to take over the tv to watch the Spurs game and I'm going to be going to bed early in preparation for tomorrow.  Sorry for the long drought in posting - it's been kind of busy around here.


Anonymous said...

It's national school testing throughout the land!

Billy said...

Sounds like a busy week! Hang in there!