Saturday, January 21, 2017

Goings on in the Library

Since the beginning of the school year, I've had a fairly open door policy in the library and I've never limited the number of students that could come in during lunch time.  Lately, however, I've had up to 50-60 students in there at once and being the only adult in the room, I felt it was getting a bit loud and overwhelming.  I decided this week I would limit the numbers to the first 30 students to come in.  It seems to have helped.  The noise level is down and it seems more manageable.  I hate turning students away but a good portion of them simply want to "relax".  I make exceptions for those who have work to complete, want to check out a book, or want to play Scrabble of course.  I'm still disappointed that my library isn't as active as it should be during the school day but taking it one step at a time.  I'm working on some ideas here and there.  I did teach a class after school on using Smore for creating online flyers and newsletters.  I'm going to start teaching more technology classes in the next few months.

In other news I'm doing pretty well with my diet but it's only 2 1/2 weeks in.  I religiously record all my food intake (except for the 5 fries I stole from Matt's dinner the other night).  I've lost 6 pounds so far.  I'm forcing myself to eat breakfast every day.  I know that eating breakfast has always been preached to me as an absolute must but I think I finally get it now.  I think it does help curb my overall hunger during the day.  I try to be more mindful of eating out.  Yesterday I limited my calories for breakfast and lunch since I knew we were going out to dinner at Olive Garden.  Even though I picked something with a high number of calories I only ate half of it to stay within my goal.  I only went over by 15 calories yesterday and that was because of that 3rd Andes Mint I got with the check.
Today I've got to work on a postcard for our upcoming anniversary band concert.  I also need to create a postcard or something promoting Scrabble to visiting 8th graders on our campus next week.

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