Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Showing Off

Today we had a library meeting where we spent a lot of time updating our home pages for our online catalog.  I updated mine a few weeks ago so I mostly helped others with their pages.  When most people got their basics finished a few of us shared our sites.  Everyone applauded my effort and complimented me on it.  It took me a while to make all the html code to work - especially involving the calendar and its size, but I'm fairly happy how it turned out.  I'm probably going to have to offer training on websites for the librarians in the future.  

My principal came by today to tell me that his order for 3 carts of chromebooks was approved and that I would be helping with the management of them.  That is exciting news!  I won a grant for Chromebooks last year but didn't get them until the end of the year.  I asked the foundation if I'd be able to take them with me to my new school, but someone in technology said no.  I'm pretty sure most of them have just sat in an office all year.  

I've been spending time in the evenings working on Scrabble stuff - study cards for learning my 4 letter words as well as 5 letter, J, X, Q, and Z words.  I also need to focus on my 7 to 8 letter word bingo stems.  I often get tripped up when I have an unplayable bingo in my rack because I can't figure out how to play it using a letter already on the board (aside from the obvious plural 's' plays).  Matt and I are going to a tournament in Houston in March.  I didn't do very well at that tournament last year.  I hope I do better this time.  

Guess I better get back to Scrabble - starting on the 4 letter G words.

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