Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Brings Joy to my Heart

My son called me today. He was at the state solo and ensemble contest this weekend. On their way back they went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. You have to understand that while I may have a passion for roller coasters, he has not be a big fan of them. He does like inverted coasters, but he says he doesn't like major drops. We've taken several coaster trips in the summers where he would stand in line with me for certain coasters but would never ride them, though I would always tell him that he'd probably like a certain one. But he always refused. Well, I got a call out of the blue today and he's screaming in my ear that "Poltergeist is freakin' awesome!" I am amazed. Especially because he rode another version of that same coaster at another park though that one was considerably slower (but the exact same ride). I asked him who talked him into going on it and he said nobody. I told him that he would definitely love Superman then so he left to go ride that one. Sure enough, an hour and a half later, he calls me back and tells me how great that ride was. I am so tickled that he FINALLY loves those rides. I knew he would and he just needed to get past some fears. I am so proud.

In other news, the appraisal is done on the house but some things need to be done before it can go to closing. I have to have the peeling paint on the outside of the house repaired. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to do all that and I've got to close next week or I lose either the great rate I got or I have to pay an extension fee. So I called my brother and thankfully he has connections. He found a guy that will do the work for me under a contractor friend of his and they'll only charge me the cost. So I have to have that done, a termite inspection and contact my insurance agent for a quote. I also have to get quotes on the flooring. IF I get all that done, then I'll hopefully be able to close by next Friday. What a pain!!!

School is still going on for me and I don't think I'll ever finish. There's still so much do to. And what am I doing tonight? Blogging, playing word warp and thinking of doing a little reading.


Anonymous said...

I find it is very nice from him to join you standing in line.
Myself will never ever use such a machine. I will never do more than a "Kettenkarussell", I can not translate that, sorry.

Leann said...

I don't much care for rollercoasters (reference childhood trauma) but I really, really, really want to ride on one of those that hangs from the rail above.