Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm a homeowner

Finally! This process has been the biggest pain in the butt! I was first supposed to close on the 12th but it got pushed back to the 22nd since they weren't ready and I was going out of town to Nationals. Then they weren't ready on Monday and it was pushed to 3:00 on Tuesday. I got a call at 2:30 yesterday from the title company saying that they still hadn't received the paperwork from the bank so they weren't ready for closing. Fifteen minutes after that I was called by the bank telling me that I still had one last paper to sign. So I rushed over to the bank to sign it and was told that the title company had everything they needed. So I call the title company and they still said they didn't have everything. So I go do some more shopping and just wait to see if they get everything they need. I get called at 4:15 again and they still hadn't received the paperwork. They call me back at 4:30 to tell me that it has been rescheduled for the next day at 1:30. So I drove up there today with trepidation thinking that something else will still go wrong. Thankfully when I got there they were pretty much ready except for 3 documents from the bank which they had assured them they were faxing over immediately. So I signed my life away until my wrist hurt promising to pay everything, that I didn't lie, that I won't discriminate if I rent or sell the house, and that I realize I'm really paying an arm and a leg after all is said and done. The only snag now is that the extra money is actually going to my dad and he will have to sign it over to me. So I have to wait until he gets that check then he'll sign and mail it to me or I'll go pick it up. But on the good news front, I'm getting back more than I expected - around $26000 when I thought I was only getting about $21000. I financed about $4000 more than originally planned, however. But the lady at the title office was very impressed by the rate I got (4.5%) and said it was the lowest that she had seen. So in fifteen years, I will have this house paid off and hopefully the value will go up once I get the work done on it. The painting I had done cost me $1600 though. Much more than I would have preferred to spend, but it was more than just painting so I guess I can't complain too much. They replaced some missing trim, scraped peeling paint, replaced the corner edges etc. At least that part is done. Now it is time to get heating and air, a new sewer line and flooring. After that, we'll see what I can do with whatever is less. I still have to buy Josh a clarinet too.

So yesterday I went and got my hair cut. It is about chin length with some layers in it. I think it looks pretty good and it feels much better. It was just getting way too long! I did some shopping, got frustrated with the closing stuff, and then met a friend for dinner. I had a very large margarita which made some of the frustrations a little more bearable. I also ate way too much, but it was very yummy.

I went to school for about an hour and half this morning and did a little bit of work. I contacted my yearbook kids to let them that they still needed to come in and finish their yearbook pages. After the closing I went to the bookstore and got the new Janet Evanovich book but I don't know when I'll get to read it. Maybe this weekend. I'm thinking I need to take my own personal vacation where I can just go and read. I have tons of books that I want to read and still don't have time. Right now the focus is on getting the yearbook done, then I have yearbook camp for three days next week, then I'm going to Albuquerque for our staff retreat for school Mon-Wed, July 6-8. Then Josh goes to band camp but will be commuting this year. That is when I hope to have the heating and air replaced as well as the sewer line. Josh and I have to go to Nacogdoches for two days during the middle of his camp for his freshman orientation. We have the tickets for that and the car rental reserved. I'm still debating going to another yearbook camp in Denton at the end of July. Then I have a yearbook workshop that I'm teaching on August 5. So I'm not sure WHEN I would actually get to take a vacation. Maybe all I need is to just go to a hotel for a couple of days and hole up with my books.

Well, I guess I'm going to go do a little reading now and then figure out what I'm going to do about dinner tonight. Josh is going out to the movies.


Leann said...

As always, your schedule amazes me! I love Janet Evonovich. I am behind on her books tho so I need to do some catch up. Maybe I'll take myself to the library tomorrow.

Enjoy and as always, take time for you!

abbagirl74 said...

Sounds like a busy week! Congrats on the house! Anyway you will post any pictures of your hair? I am thinking about getting mine layered, but I just can't commit yet. Hope you have a good rest of the week. Glad it all worked out for you!

The Middle Aged Woman said...

Congratulations! This makes me smile.