Sunday, June 07, 2009

Is School Really Out?

My "official" last day was on Thursday but school still isn't out for me. I had to go up Friday morning and do some work. I was supposed to be heading to Denton this weekend for my grad school class but I didn't get into the section I wanted. I conveniently "forgot" to mention this to my principal because I had already told him that I wouldn't be at graduation. So I laid low on Friday and Saturday and pretended to be gone. Is that bad of me?? So now I have to go to Denton next week on Wednesday and take the class on Thursday and then head back Thursday evening. I am going to try to go down early on Wed. and maybe get in a few hours at six flags. I really need a coaster rush I think. I reserved my hotel via hotwire and got a very nice Holiday Inn for $95 with fees included. (It normally runs around $171) It's a little more than I originally was going to pay but I thought I would splurge a little for a nicer place.
I went to school this afternoon for a couple of hours to do some work. I finished packing all the books and things that are going to the teacher that is taking over speech team. I had to put some assignments together for students taking credit recovery this summer. I'm going in tomorrow and Tuesday and then heading down to Denton on Wednesdsay. Friday I'll have to spend a few more hours there and then hopefully I'll close on the house in the afternoon. I leave on Saturday for Nationals in Birmingham. I'll be there a week. When I get back it will be time to get a bunch of work done on the house.
I've hired a painter to take care of the peeling trim on the house, had the termite inspection, and have contacted my insurance agent about the quotes. Assuming the painting gets finished by Tuesday and the appraiser can come out again on Wednesday then I should be able to close (fingers crossed) on Friday.
I got my financial aid in the mail yesterday and was pleasantly surprised that I received two grants this time. The should almost cover the cost of my fees this year.
Well, I'm suddenly having another allergy attack so I'm going to head to bed.

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Leann said...

Enjoy your travels dear. Take time to smell the roses :-)