Friday, February 01, 2013

Road Rage

When I decided to move to San Antonio I made sure that I chose to live fairly close to work because I hate traffic.  I.hate.traffic.  I don’t mind driving 30 minutes to work – only if that 30 minutes is at 60 mph most of the way and work is about 30 miles away.  I hate driving 4.5 miles in 30 minutes.  Yesterday I had to go to two meetings after school.  The first one was for writing a grant that I wanted to apply for and it was required that I attend in order to be eligible for the grant.  I got there on time with no problem, but had to leave early to try to get across town to another meeting.  I left by 5:30 but ended up getting to the next meeting 40 minutes late (which was supposed to start at 6:00).  My GPS tried to help by avoiding 281, but the combination of stupid drivers and continual rush hour traffic even on somewhat minor roads lead to my intense frustration and perhaps a little bit of screaming.  I didn’t use my horn though I really, really wanted to.  It just serves as a reminder to me that I’m pretty much bound to working on the south side of town from now on. 

In other news, I was really horrible about dieting last week but still lost a pound.  I’ve been horrible this week too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I gain this week.  I’m blaming it all on female issues but after today I don’t have the excuse any more.  I guess I need to buck up and get back on the treadmill.  I seem to have a mental block about using it these days.  Ugh. 

Matt has now read the first three Harry Potter books (and I’ve read 1 through 4).  We will probably watch the third movie tonight.  I started the 5th book so that I can get it read by the time he finishes the 4th one. 

The new kitty, Felix, has a nickname.  Sometimes he is also called “Shithead” because he can be obnoxious.  He is still a kitten that likes to play and get into everything.  He is fattening up because he eats like a horse as well.  But he’s still cute. 

Today seemed to be exhausting at work.  Kids were obnoxious and I started working on inventory.  I didn’t have my morning coffee and ate only popcorn for lunch.  So now I feel completely drained.  Matt of course will exercise and won’t get here until late for dinner.   At least tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep in.  I start dieting again tomorrow.  I promise.  But tonight I’m think I’ll suggest going to a Greek restaurant for dinner.  That sounds really good right now.

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Leann said...

LOVE the mood you were in when you wrote this. More 'real' than normal posts. Or less edited :-) My cat has the same nickname :-)

When I'm delayed in traffic or late getting somewhere I always hand it over to God telling myself that HE worked it out that way for a reason.....missing an accident, helping someone, etc.

Have a blessed weekend and positive energy sent your way.