Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another weekend gone

It’s seems like time is going by fast these days.  Josh and my friend Kirsten were here for the past few days.  I was able to see a bunch of old friends at the WTAMU music reunion on Friday night.  I also had a bit much to drink but luckily Matt was driving.  I think Matt was bored, but it was nice of him to come.  I did introduce him to people, but he didn’t have a lot to say.  Some were amazed at Josh because they remember him as a baby when I would bring him to band rehearsals.  I ordered some items for Matt for Valentine’s day but they didn’t arrive on time.  I had to call Fedex to trace the package and it turned out that it was delivered to the wrong address.  So instead of it arriving on Wednesday, it didn’t come until Thursday.  Matt sent me flowers on Thursday, but I didn’t get them until Friday because I left school early for a meeting.  We didn’t even see each other until late Valentine’s day.  I went to a concert with Kirsten and Josh while Matt ran the Scrabble club.  I guess we weren’t meant to have a romantic valentine’s day.  I didn’t mind though.  I’m not worried about Matt going anywhere so if we have wait a few days to celebrate alone, that’s ok. 

I got Matt a book on grilling and an apron for his present.  I think he likes the book.  He’s making all sorts of grilling plan which benefits me.  Tonight he grilled some juicy burgers which were quite yummy.  My ex-boyfriend Michael is in town this week.  Matt and I are going to dinner with him on Wednesday.  It’s going to be another busy week.  I have orchestra rehearsals on Mondays again.  Band is on Tuesday.  The dinner plans on Wednesday and Scrabble on Thursday.  I think we’ll plan to stay in on Friday.  Matt is about to finish the 4th Harry Potter book so I think we’ll watch the movie then.


Jan said...

Wow, woman, do you ever stop? What a busy life! How wonderful that Matt fits into it so well!


Leann said...

I don't celebrate Valentines day. A couple of reasons........but that's just me :-)