Monday, September 23, 2013

It was a Monday

I was really upset when I got to school this morning.  Today was officially Scrabble club day (yay) but when I walked into my library, there was 20+ boxes of workbooks left all over my tables. I got to school early so that I could get ready for the club today, but I spent the morning moving boxes out of the way.  What’s worse is that these were boxes of workbooks that I had already received – so they were duplicates.  I only needed some algebra workbooks and they sent those along with everything else.  My club was so full this morning that I had to turn students away.  Club went ok, but I had my hands full as always. 

I wrote a terse email to textbook person and explained the situation with workbooks.  Thankfully she has some people that came and picked them up today so I didn’t have to store them.  Matt was there this morning so helped with club and then shelved books for me.  I spent most of the day working on an orientation lesson for one of the English classes.  I’m  also trying to finish my $5000 Laura Bush Grant book order which is harder than it seems. I actually have to order 10-15% over that amount because they may not be able to actually send all the books on my list. 

Matt has to get moved in this week. I tried to help him at his apartment, but it’s a nightmare.  Remember that he has lived as a bachelor for many, many years.  It seems that he has saved every scrap of paper and piece of mail over the past 13 years or so.  I found a receipt dated 2000.  Since a bunch of the stuff is old bills and whatnot, I can’t really sort through it very well so I haven’t been much help.  I’ve been doing some work here at the house instead.  I’ve been cleaning out things, moving furniture around, and making room for Matt’s stuff. 

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