Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Opening the library

Well, my library is ready to open tomorrow.  I already have classes scheduled.  I still have a lot of work to do, but the library and lab areas are clean and clear for the moment.  There’s still a lot of “stuff” to go through, but most of it has been moved to back rooms.  I have some lesson plans to put together for teachers to go over with their classes next week.  I also need to finish my grant book order. 

The Scrabble tournament was a bust for me this weekend.  My last game was for the potential of placing 3rd and I blew it.  I had some great tiles but just couldn’t see the words and used up too much time.  As soon as the last game was done, I rushed out of there.  I just needed to get away and not think about Scrabble for a while. 

I was glad to have Monday off so I didn’t have to do much of anything.  Matt and I went to half priced books.  I got a jigsaw puzzle and a book for Josh.  Matt found two books.  After that I went to Michaels, but didn’t get much.  Matt went and played Scrabble the rest of the afternoon and I just vegged at home. 

Tonight I  picked up some Chinese food takeout and didn’t do much of anything again.  I probably should have done some laundry.  I haven’t run out of underwear yet so I have a few more days.

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Leann said...

lol...out of underwear...that so sounds like me :-)