Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Back in the Panhandle

We were able to get Josh some new tires first thing yesterday morning in Abilene.  The rest of the drive was thankfully uneventful.  I headed to my friend Pam’s house to drop off some stuff to her.  I had chocolate items for the wedding and I knew that I would be running around town and didn’t want to leave them in my car where they would melt.  After that I headed back to Canyon to scope out band camp for a flute player.  Luckily I ran into the high school band director.  (He was also my junior high boyfriend and first kiss in the 8th grade.)  I asked him if he could recommend someone to play flute and he introduced me to his son’s girlfriend.  She agreed to play so I gave her the music and the details.  So that’s one less thing to worry about.  After that I ordered fruit and cheese trays for the wedding from the local grocery story.  Next I went to Taco Villa for lunch, but was surprisingly disappointed.  I didn’t order my standard meal since I figured I would be eating there multiple times.  I ordered the chicken fajita salad, but for some strange reason they put BEANS on it.  Every time I have ever ordered it before, it has not had beans.  Yuck.  I ate the top layer and just left the icky beans.  My next stop was a craft store in search of some wedding items.  I also picked up some gift cards for the people that are singing in the wedding.  I finally headed to my brother’s house where I’m staying this week.  I was actually able to get to sleep fairly easily last night.  (Probably because I’m not worrying about flute player any more.)   I woke briefly around 3  a.m. and then went back to sleep.  I got up around 7:15 to see my brother and his wife off to work.  I may doze a bit longer and then head out to do more stuff. 

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