Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer is coming to an end

I really only have about two more weeks of summer vacation at home.  I really should be working on the house and hanging some of the decorative gifts we received as wedding presents.  Yesterday I did clear the kitchen of the excess boxes and clutter – meaning I threw boxes in the garage and just took the gifts upstairs.  The garage looks like boxes have been breeding in there.  We are slowly recycling them, but there are so many and our recycling is only picked up once a week.  I’ll take a few of the sturdier boxes with me to school for packing up textbooks that are going out of adoption this year. 

I’ve just wanted to be completely lazy the last few days.  I’ve done a pretty good job of it though I did get out of the house for a little while yesterday.  I had to go to the bank to cash a couple of checks we got as wedding gifts.  We are saving all the money to use on our honeymoon trip.  It looks like we may not need to use any of our own money for food or excursions.  I then went to Target looking for new bath towels to buy with some gift cards.  I couldn’t make up my mind.  The colors I wanted didn’t have enough towels for me to buy so I guess I’ll keep looking.  I then went to Walmart for groceries. 

Josh is coming home this weekend and bringing a girl who isn’t quite a girlfriend, but is someone he hangs out with a lot.  He wanted to go to Fiesta Texas so we are going to go on Sunday.  It’s going to be hot.  Amazingly we have not yet reached 100 degrees in SA yet, but it’s getting close as we’re in the high 90’s each day. 

Yesterday I goofed around on Pinterest a lot.  I was saving ideas for my library and for teaching a Scrabble class next year.  I’m going to focus on a lot of spelling rules, word lists, and vocabulary. 

This morning I think I’ll head up to the school and take some leftover food from the second reception.  There’s only so much cake I can eat.

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