Friday, September 05, 2014

7 Quick Takes – I’m Tired

We’ve survived a second week of school.  Amazingly the library will be ready to open to students on Monday.  I think that is the earliest I’ve opened it so far.  
I’ve been having some moments of genius this week.  I think I figured out a way that students can input their own Scrabble stats using google docs which will save me a lot of time.  I’ve also revamped some of my library wiki web page.  It’s been nice to be able to work without a lot of distractions this week.
Lucy got her cast changed again yesterday.  Matt took her this time.  For some reason it took a lot longer than it usually does.  She seems to be doing well still though they had to give her another round of antibiotics.
I thought I might be getting a cold yesterday, but I think it may have just been allergies.  I felt kind of blah and was sneezing.  I took a claritin and started feeling a little better in the afternoon.     
Today I’m hosting a teacher library orientation.  This is the first time I’ve been able to do this.  I’m offering snacks and coffee.  Hopefully that will get a few teachers to come.
We’ve started band rehearsals again.  It’s great to be playing again, but it is kind of exhausting.  Thankfully I’m no longer on the board or the band secretary – although I’m still doing some of the work.  The person that was going to be secretary suddenly resigned from the board and so I’m still sending out emails as needed.  But that’s it.  I’m drawing the line. 
Having the gate at the top of the stairs has been great to keep the dogs downstairs when I’m going during the day.  Unfortunately Angie is now eating the fence.  I’ve discovered parts of the fence on the kitchen floor.  I guess we’ll need to go to home depot this weekend and get stuff to fix it before she makes herself at home at the neighbor’s house.   
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Anonymous said...

Pretty sure its sad but I'd attend anything that serves coffee during the day!