Saturday, September 27, 2014

7 Quick Takes – Late Again

School has been busy.  I focused a lot on working on my library book order this week.  I found that if I work on my order from two different vendors at the same time, it is easier to find books that I need.  Many books are offered by both of the major vendors, but sometimes there’s a nice surprise.  I’m also trying ensure that I don’t duplicate books.  I have about $6500 to spend this year.   

Lucy has another week and a half of being in her kitty cast.  I think she’s had enough of it.  Even when she does get it off and can hopefully walk normally, she may never leave my closet.  I think that has become her new home.  She’s not very keen on coming out of it much.  I do want to get her little box out of there though.    

It may be time for me to get a new computer.  My computer randomly just hangs.  Mouse doesn’t move.  Can’t click anything.  Can’t open task manager.  It stays that way for a few minutes and then it goes back to normal.  I’ve found, however, it usually happens when I’m using Chrome.  I’m going to try using Firefox for a few days and see if that makes a difference.  The computer is four years old.  Unfortunately I don’t have the money to buy a new computer right now.  It doesn’t mean I don’t want one though.  I’ve also had an issue with losing the wireless signal.  The only thing that fixes it is unplugging both the router and the modem.  I don’t know if it’s a computer issue or a modem/router issue.   
I found Matt’s computer.  I thought I put it in a special place, but it wasn’t all that special.  It was in the living room in the corner on an empty CD stand.  I remember moving it out of the way when cleaning at one point and so now Matt is back online – at least at home.  He does check email at work and on his phone, but now he can enter all his coke points from the caps he’s saved.  Maybe he’ll win us something really cool.   

I grudgingly went to Scrabble club on Thursday.  I guess it was good that I did.  I won 2 and a half games.  The half is because Matt played the first half of it.  I beat one of the players that I rarely ever beat.  One of the new people almost beat me.  I only won because I bingoed out.  Last night we went to a friend’s house to play Scrabble again.  I lost all three games.  At least the last game was competitive and I had three bingos and scored over 400 points.  I finally drew some decent tiles.   

I’m trying to get some reading done.  I’m still 11 books behind on my Good Reads challenge for the year.  I said I’d read 52 books and I’ve only read 27 so far.  I downloaded a few more on my Kindle.  I’m just not really inspired yet.  Maybe I’ll get my book order in by November.  It’s like Christmas when I get new books for the library. 

Josh got rear-ended in Houston last weekend.  I guess it’s not a surprise and traffic generally sucks there.  Luckily it wasn’t his fault and the other company has already gotten him a rental car while his car is in the shop.   

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