Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hair today…gone tomorrow

hair pic So I had eight inches of hair cut off today.  I’m donating the braid to Children with Hair Loss.  It feels kind of weird.  I’m so used to having to move hair out of the way when I do stuff.  It is almost a habit.  It is much lighter.  Though I probably won’t always straighten it, I like that it seems like it will be easy to manage. 

I wanted to grow my hair out mostly for the wedding – which I did.  Now that it is over, my long hair was driving me crazy.  I rarely did anything with it other than put some mousse in it and go.  Since it was finally long enough to donate, I decided to go ahead and get it cut.  My hair grows pretty fast so if I want to do it again, I’ll be able to in another three years or so. 

Unfortunately on the way to the salon I got pulled over and received a speeding ticket.  I guess it was a pretty expensive hair cut.  I will probably take defensive driving to have it dismissed, but that will be a pain in the ass.  But it’s my fault.  I’ll certainly be more careful next time. 


Anonymous said...

Love you haircut.It is very flattering. Jet from Kyle

Leann said...

The new haircut is adorable. Mine is almost the same, but like you, I have to straighten it to make it look like it's there are waves everywhere.
Sorry about the speeding ticket....bummer.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome that you do that! Your new cut looks great!

Anonymous said...

That is a great cut for you. You look very professional yet cute, too.

luvdaytrips said...

Love it, it looks great on you! ~gg