Monday, January 26, 2015

A Late Apology

So I had an interesting conversation with Marty last night.  Yes, I said Marty.  You know - the high school sweetheart that I had the on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again relationship with.  For the record - we've stayed friends.  We comment on facebook.  We get together in groups with other friends from high school and hang out.  Matt has met him and thinks he is a nice guy.

So I find out last week that I'm going to get to go to a technology conference in Austin the first week in February.  I'll have a hotel there starting Sunday night so I told Matt that he could come up and stay on Sunday, then he could play Scrabble on Monday in Austin before heading home.  Matt really wanted to be able to watch the Super Bowl, however, so I checked with Marty and Brent (my other high school friend) to see if they were having a party we could crash.  Well it turns out that Brent just needed an excuse to have a party and Marty, me, and Matt will be going.  So we are texting back and forth making arrangements.  Marty then said that it was funny that I sent him a message because he was just thinking about me so I asked him why that was.  He said that he had just found out that his ex-wife had cheated even more so than he originally thought when they were still together.  He was obviously reeling from the news and he told me, "I made some bad decisions when it came to you and me based on my loyalty to her and now I find out that it wasn't deserved and for you that sucks and I apologize."  I told him that an apology wasn't necessary but I appreciated it.  He also said that it worked out for me because I found Matt and that was a better relationship for me.  I would have to agree with that.  I'm still fond of Marty and will always care about him, but Matt is a great partner.  There's no drama with him.  There's no jealousy.  I can be myself and he still loves me sometimes in spite of me being myself.  It took a long time for me to let Marty go, but in hindsight, it never would have worked for us.  I'm glad that we're still friends, but I'm happier that I found Matt.  I do wish him happiness though.  I hope that now he is finally able to let go of his residual feelings for his ex-wife and move on.

So, yeah, I'm going to be in Austin for a whole week at a technology conference.  I think it will be interesting, but it will be kind of lonely.  Matt will have to work all week so I'll only see him on Sunday and Monday.  But it will also be kind of nice to just get away from work for a bit.

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Billy said...

I do remember Marty from your old posts back in the day. Have fun in Austin!