Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Big Easy

Matt and I headed to New Orleans on Friday.  We drove so I was able to do some reading on the trip.  Of course I forgot my book light so I couldn't read on the way down after it got dark.  I did pick one up before we headed back so I could read.  We also ended up giving a ride to a player that needed to be dropped off in Houston.  The tournament started off fairly lousy with me losing the first four rounds in a row.  I rallied a bit in the afternoon and won three games.  I was only expected to win about 6 games and I ended up winning 9 out of 20 overall.  My rating increased by 32 points because of this.  I even beat the number one rated player in my division and had my first 500 point game during a tournament.  Matt had a bad streak of losing 7 games in a row, but made a comeback and ended up winning half his games.  We didn't get out to do much there because it was pretty much playing in the tournament most of the day.  On the way out, we got stuck in traffic in Houston and that delayed us.  We were heading to meet Josh for lunch and he had to wait over an hour for us.

We got back around midnight on Monday/Tuesday and I had to work the next day.  It was a very long day as I had to get a million things done.  I ended up staying at school until 8:45 p.m.  That was more than a 12 hour day for me.  I got to school early today hoping that I'd have a bunch of students come for the launch of the book of the month club.  A whopping two students showed up and neither one could check out the book because they had other books that were way overdue.  Maybe some of the teachers will send more students down tomorrow.  I received a grant to start the club and I ordered 12 copies of 6 different books to promote during the year.  The first book is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

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Billy said...

I sure wish they had a book of the month club when I was in high school!