Saturday, May 09, 2009

I'm Disgusting

I mean that - literally. I've spent the last four hours cleaning the garage. (I know, Summer, you're in shock.) Now I didn't totally clean out the garage, but it's clean in general. I still need to go through stuff on the shelves but I'll get to that eventually. I also still have tons of laundry to get through, but at least I'm getting there.
O.k. I have a confession to make to all of you. I joined eharmony. I don't know why exactly because I really hate the process of weeding through the freaks and I still typically attract a lot of weirdos. I'm in conversation with a few people that in general seem o.k. but still not quite what I'm looking for. Perhaps my standards are still too high, but they're either too religious or not enough. They are into sports, hunting, fishing and stuff. Or they cannot write. At all. Most that have contacted me live far away. There's Seattle, Orlando, Houston, Casper, and Tulsa. There's one that I'm actually interested in, but he seems a bit aloof. I'm waiting to see if he responds to my first open communication or not. Well, I got a discount for a 3 month subscription so we'll see what happens - but I still don't expect much. At least it might make so good blog fodder. I know I've been a very bad blogger lately. I'll try to do better.
Yesterday I had dinner with my ex-husband. He's in town recovering from a motorcycle accident. He broke his arm and had surgery on it and cannot work for several weeks. He's staying at his mom's house. I rescued him yesterday as he had had enough of his mom's husband, John. We had a nice visit.
I'm really tired after all the cleaning. I may decide to take a quick nap. My nose is running from all the dust and stuff. But if I take a nap, I might not get much done when I get up. Well maybe I'll go eat something first.


Anonymous said...

Ta, "disgusting" - a shower, a nap and you'll shine again!

Leann said...

I've heard you clean up real good :-)

I did the eharmony thing for three months.

Ivy and Haley said...

I know people who have wonderful relationships with people they met online. When you email, you learn one side of a person that you wouldn't for a long time if you met them in real life initially.

I hope it goes well for you.

By the way, I like what you wrote on post secret.

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Cin said...

That garage has been driving you crazy for a while now. LOL! Dont feel bad, mine is a mess too!