Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well, I still like getting flowers

I received these today from one of my eharmony matches. It is the guy in Seattle that I'm not very sure about. But the card was nice - he just said he thought they would brighten my day and that he thought is was great that I was a teacher and in school and work so hard. So it was a nice gesture, but I kind of feel bad because the attraction isn't really there for me, but I do like chatting with him.

Tonight we went out to dinner with a friend of mine. It was nice to visit with her. Then I had to go to Amarillo to pick up a check for the Nationals t-shirts that I'm ordering. I then came home and watched American Idol which was a fantastic show tonight. They had a lot of big name performers. I was a little surprised that Adam didn't win but I thought they were both very good though I still think Adam has the edge in terms of talent. I'm sure Adam will get signed with a record label though.

I think I upset Marty tonight. I probably should have kept my mouth shut like I usually do, but sometimes you can't help it I guess. He's having a bad week and I made him feel bad about some things though I didn't mean to. I know he still feels bad about hurting me but I'm honestly over it. I don't want him back in that respect. I want to be his friend and I will stay his friend but it hurts me that he cannot be happy. I know I can't make him happy, nor do I want to go there, but when you see someone hurting you want to help. But I'm tired of coddling him when he's being stupid. He's still in love with his ex though he would say he just still has feeling for her. I think she is not good for him, uses him, and can never love him but they remain close as friends. And he can't let go of her. And he's miserable. If I thought that he could go back to her and they could be happy, I would wish him he best. And it's not that I don't like her. I thought she was personable when I met her, but she knows that she's got Marty wrapped around her little finger and if she needs something, he comes running. Well, no use for me to dwell on it. I apologized to him, but I still feel bad about some of the things I said though I think I was being truthful. I didn't tell him these things but I said enough.

Well, I need to go to bed. It's been a busy day.


Anonymous said...

Nice flowers, a nice gesture.
Poor Marty, he is not finished with the old relation, and if he carries this with him into a new one it will not work, it's just poison for a relation if there's always a kind of shadow from an earlier one. He has to become clear about that.
Have a fine hollyday!

The Middle Aged Woman said...

Sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade. Be very glad that that relationship is over.

Now, on to Flower Guy... run. Run like the wind. And I mean away. I feel like the flowers are the equivalent of telling someone you love them after the first date.

I'm talking too much aren't I?