Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Still cleaning

Will it ever end? I planned to get some work done yesterday after getting home but was miserable with allergies. My trip to Austin was fine but it seemed like I was gone too long. I did get to see a couple of my friends from high school which was great. I did a lot of walking while there but I did a lot of eating too. Maybe it will balance out in the end. I'm still perpetually behind with everything but one of these days I suppose I'll catch up. I have company coming tomorrow. My aunt and uncle are coming in for Josh's graduation which is on Friday. My sister will also be coming but she's staying with my brother.
I spent this evening cleaning the guest bedroom and I finally mopped the kitchen. I have a few more things to do, but the house is generally clean - well as clean as it's going to get right now. I think the appraisal will happen sometime next week so I might get a little more done this weekend. I have some new curtains to hang but they need to be shortened. I have material to make more curtains so we'll see if that gets done. I still need to do some cleaning outside.
Well it's now midnight so I should probably get to bed.


Leann said...

Sounds as if you have a ton on your 'to do' list which does not surprise me. It seems your life runs on 'what needs to be done next'. Kudos to you. I run on "how long can I put that off" lists... :-)

abbagirl74 said...

Hope this weekend was fun! Congrats to Josh!