Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Insane, Insane Again

You may not know this but that is the title of a song by the J. Geils band that I love.  It’s how I feel at the moment.  It seems that things are just totally insane this week.  My computer login at school has created complete havoc.  It seems that when I try to login it everything slows down by about 10,000 degrees.  It took my computer 45 minutes to load when I logged in.  It doesn’t matter which station I’m on – it is anciently slow – worse than dial up speeds.  It took 6 minutes just to open a folder – not a file, but a folder.  So today I got nothing done at school – couldn’t access my files I needed, couldn’t get online… it was a very frustrating day.  So I stayed after school to do some work.  I was able to use a computer where I didn’t have to login and I had files I could access from an external hard drive.  I worked until about 7:30 and then headed over to Matthew’s place to get his assistance on a form I’ll be using for my students to do practice interviews.  He is going to help with that on Thursday along with the superintendent, the personnel director, the technology coordinator, and a the county librarian.  It should be a good experience for my students. 

Last night I had a band concert.  It would have been better for me had I been able to keep my embouchure stamina going but my chops gave out by the last song, which unfortunately featured the clarinets quite a bit.  Matthew came to the concert and then we went to Braum’s afterward for something to drink. 

I’ve still been fighting the cold so I took a benadryl last night, but it made me very tired this morning.  I did not want to get out of bed.  I have a whole other story to tell about trying to get Josh back to school after coming home for Thanksgiving but it will have to wait.  It is already past my bed time and I need to get more sleep tonight. 


Anonymous said...

MAybe a day off ... ?

Summer said...

It's Friday...how are you today?