Monday, November 01, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I just wrote probably the worst paper in the history of my grad school experience.  I hope I’m over-exaggerating, but I don’t think so.  I really shouldn’t have tried to get it written and edited in just one day.  I submitted it at 11:45 last night just because I really couldn’t take time to edit it any further.  Oh well.  It is done and I cannot do anything about it so I’ll just wait for the grade. 

I took today off from school and will be off tomorrow as well.  I simply needed a day where I didn’t have to focus on anything else but working on the yearbook.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much done as I planned today, but made a good dent in it.  Since I spent ALL day working on my paper and didn’t get over to the school, I had to get up early this morning to go leave my sub plans.  I left around 6:00 a.m. and got to school around 6:30.  I stayed until about 7:30 and then came back home and got back in bed for a few hours.  When I got up and started working on the yearbook, I realized that the pictures that I “thought” had been transferred to my other drive were not there.  I was still able to get a lot other things done, but it also meant that I needed to make yet another trip back to get the other hard drive where all the files were.  I figured that since I had to head back that I would see if Matthew wanted to have a quick dinner together.  He did so I picked up some Subway sandwiches and we ate them at his apartment.  We visited for another 30 minutes or so before I had to head back for band rehearsal.

We had our first rehearsal for the season tonight.  It was good, but I was the only 3rd clarinet.  We’re playing one of my favorite pieces, so that is always good.  I had intentions of getting some more work done tonight, but probably going to bed shortly as I feel like I may be getting sick.  Have that scratchy feeling in my throat right now. 

Tomorrow I need to get up early and get a lot more work done.  I also need to do grad school homework, clean the house, and go to the store since Matthew is coming over for dinner on Wednesday.  Saturday is the Fallback festival and we’ll be going to that as well. 

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Leann said...

I hope the paper is better than you believe it to be as well.

Enjoy your Tuesday my dear.