Monday, November 22, 2010

Ready for the break

Though it won’t really be a break.  It will be a nice break from school, but I still have much to do.  Yesterday I went to the school to get some work done.  I stayed about 3 hours before I couldn’t concentrate any more.  I came home and had dinner and lit a fire in the fireplace.  I tried getting homework done, but couldn’t really get focused.  So today I tried to get homework done at school and got started on it, but now one of the websites I have to use for it isn’t working.  Since I have band rehearsal tonight, I hope they get it fixed soon or allow us an extension since we don’t have access to it. 

School was fine – I was smart enough to realize the two days before Thanksgiving are rather pointless so I’m just having my speech students do some career quizzes and my English classes are watching a movie. 

Tonight I have band rehearsal – then perhaps finishing my homework if the website is fixed.  If not, I guess I’ll turn it in tomorrow. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, excuse me please: I totally forgot to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving - I am very sorry. I hope you have some good and relaxing days!