Friday, November 05, 2010


Amazingly, I was quite productive today.  I managed to get everything graded that needed to be done for the six weeks.  I even gave my students progress reports and told them that they have until Monday to turn in any missing work.  I didn’t get much yearbook work done, but have plans to go in on Sunday to work. 

I saw Matthew after school today.  I wanted to bring him some extra cake that I had left over from dinner the other night.  Met him at his place after school and then he asked me to go to the class supper with him.  So we went and had some chili (without beans, thankfully), cornbread, and cobbler.  I hadn’t planned to go to the game, so I came home and am having a nice, quiet, lazy evening.  I even turned the t.v. on and am watching an episode of Monk. 

My throat is better, but now I’m having allergy issues.  I’m going to take a benadryl shortly and head to bed.  I’m judging at a speech tournament tomorrow, but thankfully it is local.  Matthew is coming over around 3:30 and then we’re going to church tomorrow evening and then the festival after that.  It will really be nice to go with a date this year. 

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Anonymous said...

Yes, thank God the week is over. Your Saturday programme sounds nice - and I really hope it becomes as good as possible. :)