Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is the week over yet?

Yesterday was a very lovely birthday and I appreciate my readers who left me birthday wishes yesterday.  I had a ton of birthday wishes via facebook, my students were appreciative, and it was a good day overall.  Matthew made me dinner last night (spaghetti, salad, bread, and wine) and got me a flower arrangement and a card.  After dinner we did some kissing but also had some nice conversation.  I have a better idea of where he is emotionally right now.  I think things are going well and I still need to have patience. 

Though I left his place around 9:30 and was in bed by 10:30, I felt tired and unfocused at school today.  I left immediately after school and laid down for a while before I had to get ready to go to choir.  I went to Sonic for dinner and read my Mental Floss magazine for about 30 minutes while I ate.  I went to choir tonight and now I’m home.  It is storming out and it makes me think of Andrew who would love the weather here right now.  I do wish he would start posting again soon.  His blog followers are getting antsy. 

I’m glad tomorrow is Friday.  I’ve invited Matthew over either tomorrow or Saturday for homemade pizza, but I haven’t heard from him yet.  I took an ambien a short time ago so that I will be able to get to sleep while the storm is going on.  I’m going to head to bed with my magazine and wait for it to take effect. 


VonnEinstein said...

Happy Birthday! It's nice to hear it's going well with Matthew.

Patti said...

"His blog followers are getting antsy."

Yep, I noticed that too. Starting to turn on each other. (Wouldn't be the first time.)

Leann said...

Happy Birthday!!

I hope your Friday is wonderful and peaceful. The same for your weekend:-)

I too wish Andrew would begin to post again. I am worried about him.

Cin said...

I know this is late but I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

I miss Andrew's writings as well.