Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

I’m sure I’ve used that headline before, but this has just been one of those very long weeks.  Yesterday was a very frustrating day.  A student made an accusation against me that was completely unfounded, but it had to be investigated none-the-less.  I made a statement refuting the accusation and I was proven right, but it was ridiculous altogether.  I didn’t find out that it had been resolved until this morning, so last night was a long night.  I went to the store after school about bought lots of chocolate.  Luckily I didn’t drown myself in it.  I had a beer and took a sleeping pill instead. 

So today I was exonerated and I got to leave work early to go to a meeting.  We even got out of the meeting early. I finally won a game of Scrabble tonight so I’m in better spirits about the game.  Thankfully tomorrow is Friday.  Unfortunately, I have to go to a band board meeting after work. This weekend, I need to have my oil changed in my car and have my tires rotated.  I also need to clean the house more since my aunt and uncle are coming next week. 

Josh has been accepted to three schools now and he has to make a decision by Monday.  I think he will choose University of Houston which will be nice that he’ll be close to home.  Can you believe that he will be graduating from college in May? 

Well, I’m going to watch The Big Bang Theory and then call it a night. 

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