Saturday, April 06, 2013

What an exciting weekend

Matt and I went to dinner at a new local seafood restaurant yesterday.  We were going to go two weeks ago, but it was jam packed during Lent and I refused to wait that long.  So last night we tried it and it was decent.  Nothing spectacular, but service was relatively fast and the food was hot at least.  After that, we headed home and worked on some house items that needed to be addressed.  Matt has been proving himself to be more handy than I first thought.  He changed the float in my bathroom toilet and now it doesn’t run any more.  I tried installing the brace for my new tv that goes in front of my treadmill, but I couldn’t get it done.  I stripped the screws so we headed to hardware store to get more and then Matt stripped those.  So now we’ll have to get more screws and try again. 

Today I worked on a flyer for Josh’s upcoming senior recital.  He liked the way it turned out.  My aunt and uncle sent me $250 in gift cards to use for his reception after the recital.  Now Matt is yelling at the tv watching the basketball game.  He’s wearing a Wichita shirt that he had back in his college days.  I told him as long as he didn’t wear it in public that would be ok.

I guess I better go cook some dinner.  I may have to leave the room if Matt keeps yelling at the tv.  Luckily I have a wireless router.  I can just take my laptop upstairs if necessary. 

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