Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Joys of State Mandated Testing

How would you like to sit and watch students test ALL day long?  Don’t be jealous – I know you would all trade with me in a heartbeat.  Remember though, you can’t just sit.  You have to “actively monitor” so you have to walk around every once in a while.  I had a whopping three students today but even so I got up every 10 minutes or so.  There’s no boredom quite like the doldrum of testing when you can’t do anything but sit and watch students take a test.  Of course you can’t really watch – you can glance – make sure they’re not cheating, but no looking at actual questions or the answers they put.  You can’t read, write, check email, or do anything else but sit and monitor.  I got a whopping 7 minutes to scarf down a lunch and one bathroom break. 

Now I’m debating whether I’m going to go to band tonight.  I’m feeling tired after my exciting day.  Nothing wears one out like sitting and doing nothing all day. 

I’ve actually been doing some house cleaning.  I’m trying to get ready for my aunt and uncle coming at the end of the month.  I did a LOT of laundry this weekend.  On top of that, I even folded and hung it all.  You can actually see the floor in my bedroom and my closet.  I also cleaned the kitchen.  I still need to tidy up the loft/craft room area.  I’m thinking that if I don’t go to band, I will have to do some cleaning in exchange.  I have 10 more minutes to decide.  What to do?


Jan said...

One nice thing about not cleaning is that it will still be there later!

Andrew Quixote said...

I luv, luv, luv my Annabel! That has to be one of most boring things ever created. You know the kids have got to hate it.