Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Not So Jolly Holiday

While life is still good in many ways, we’ve got some hiccups happening right now.  Matt is angry and frustrated with things happening at his work.  His department knew that they were potentially on the chopping block when the director offered up the potential to cut the department to save money during budget talks.  They thought, however, that they would ok as the foundation would be able to help cover salaries of the department manager and another position.  On the day of their Christmas party, one of the employees was told she be reassigned.  The following week they got news that the manager was expected to retire or move by April.  Starting in February, they are cutting the department’s hours.  Some of the staff will probably be reassigned to other departments or branches.  Matt is very discouraged and is planning to start job hunting soon. 

My dog Max that is now about 16 years old is not doing well.  We’re going to have to have him put down tonight.  It is a difficult decision, but he obviously now in pain as he cries out at night and can’t get comfortable.  He’s been incontinent for a while now and he’s not able to walk any more.  He has had a good long life, but it is painful to make the decision none-the-less.  Thankfully Matt will take care of it for me.  I don’t think I can handle it. 

In spite of this, I got a tree put up finally though I opted for the smaller tree this year.  Matt and I hung the lights outside the house yesterday.  I guess we’re still going to try to have some Christmas spirit.  I need to do all my present wrapping in the next day or so.  Luckily all the shopping is done.  I just need to get some groceries to get us through the week.  Josh is coming home tomorrow so I need to get cereal and sandwich stuff so that he won’t starve. 


Anonymous said...

Oh dear ... Let me wish you a Merry Christmas, trotzdem !

Anonymous said...

Even though things seemed to be rolling downhill I hope you had a safe and happy Christmas Day.. Crap happens, but I will get better.