Monday, December 02, 2013

Engagement Pics

Since I couldn’t post them from the iPad, here are some pictures I posted on facebook.



photo (3)

Our trip to Albuquerque was very pleasant.  I read a few books, goofed off online and played a lot of Scrabble against Josh and Matt.  We did go out shopping on black Friday but it wasn’t too bad.  The line at Kohl’s was only 25 minutes.  I bought Josh some clothes for Christmas.  I still need to order his other gift from Amazon, but I need to balance my checkbook first. 

Everyone at school was happy to hear the news about the engagement.  They loved my ring.  I’m still behind on work, but I’m still busy.  I got another email from the district today.  They want to come film my Scrabble club again for a local commercial about choosing public schools over private.  I don’t know that I would choose public school in this day, but it pays my bills these days.  Working for a private school might be less stressful, but the pay would be much less. 

I’m down to 10 books that I need to read to meet my goodreads goal.  I’m halfway through one of them right now.  I think I might make it. 

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Christina said...

Congratulations!! Very happy for you. You should enjoy every moment together!!