Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I love testing (not)

It could have been worse, I didn’t have to test an entire class – I was the relief person so I just babysat for 15 minutes at a time.  Tomorrow I will have the joy of doing retakes (note the sarcasm).  These tests aren’t even real tests – they’re just practice tests.  It seems like overkill to test students over and over.  So this week is totally pointless for me.  I won’t be getting anything done in my library. 

I went to the store after work and got groceries and decided to make my famous cashew chicken tonight.  It was delicious as always.  I started making a list of wedding guests.  I need to get a LOT of addresses, but thankfully most of my friends are on Facebook and I can just ask them.  If you’re one of my regular blog readers and want an invitation, email me your mailing address to jifnerwedding @ gmail dot com.  I’ll leave this email information up for a week or two, but then I’ll delete so I don’t get junk mail from spammers. 

Matt is watching the Spurs and I think I’m going to head to bed.  I might start the next book on my Kindle.  I should since it’s pretty long, but I’m not sure if I’m focused enough to read tonight.  Maybe I’ll just play a pointless word game instead. 

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